Enrollment - Automating Enrollment in Training Plans

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Enrolling Learners with Auto Enrollment

Please supplement this article with Automatic Enrollments  , from our  Video Tutorials  library. 


Auto Enrollment is a Relias recommended best practice for anyone who creates training plans.  It will save you time by automatically enrolling the right people into the right training plan, as opposed to manually enrolling learners.  Creating a training plan takes care of what subjects need to be taught.  Auto enrollment takes care of who needs the training.


Tip:  Before setting up Auto Enrollment, you should ask three questions. 

1 - Who needs what training? 

2 - What are the Job Titles, Departments or other ways I can identify them in the RLMS? 

3 - Are these identifiers set up as Required Fields in my site?


Monitoring and Enrolling Learners

Once you have created a training plan, you should enroll learners into it so that they can begin taking assigned modules.  Manually Enrolling Learners in a Training Plan can be effective, but may also be time consuming if training is ongoing and enrolling is something you will be doing on a regular basis.  To make the enrollment process easier, an auto enrollment profile can be created.  This sets certain parameters by which users are automatically enrolled or un-enrolled.

Ifyou have an existing training plan, you can access the enrollment page by selecting the blue enrollment button on the far-right of the Training Plan List page, across from the training plan title, as highlighted below.




Next, select the Enrollment tab:






Select the New Profile button under Auto Enrollments to create a new set of parameters by which to automate the training plan's enrollment process.





You are required to give the profile a title.  You may also enter a description of the profile, but it is not required.



In this example, checking the box for "All Users" will automatically enroll all staff into this training plan.



By clicking on the profile attribute drop down menu, you have the option to select from a variety of attributes, including any of the 3 custom fields you have set on your site:


Auto Enrollment Department attribute.png


In this example, a training plan is set up for a specific department (or several departments).  Click on the Profile Attribute drop down menu, select Department, and then click in the Department box to choose the appropriate department(s) for your training plan. 


auto enrollment department box.png


You can select multiple attributes when building your enrollment parameters. If you want to enroll people who have different employment types and different job titles, just click the drop-down box again and select the category you would like, and then make your selections. It is important to keep in mind that if you select multiple attributes, they will operate as an "AND" function; however, multiple selections for one category will operate as an "OR" function. For instance:


Auto enrollment AND relationship.png


Scenario 1: Susan is a CNA who provides direct care. Susan would NOT be a match for this profile because she is not a LPN or RN, even though she provides direct care.

Scenario 2: Robert is a RN who provides indirect care. He WOULD be a match for this profile because he is a Registered Nurse AND provides indirect care.

Please Note: You may set up multiple auto enrollment profiles for a single training plan.


Now that the parameters are set, click Preview. A list of staff who are LPNs or Registered Nurses and provide Direct Care or Indirect Care will appear.

If everything looks correct, click the Save and Enroll button. The training plan has now automatically enrolled all of the learners who meet the criteria you just set in the profile.  As you add new staff to the RLMS who meet this criteria, they will also be automatically enrolled into the training plan.


auto enrollment unenroll.png


Un-Enrolling Learners Who Do Not Match an Enrollment Profile

Once you have saved the auto enrollment profile, it will appear on the enrollment page.  You also have the option to check the box to automatically un-enroll anyone who no longer matches the criteria you set (i.e., changes job title or department changes).  This means that if someone changes job titles, departments, or any of the other attributes you may have set for an auto enrollment profile, the RLMS will know to automatically un-enroll that Learner from the training plan, so that you do not have to do it manually.

Please Note: To make any changes to the profile, click the blue pencil next to the profile name to edit the attributes.


If you are looking to enroll an employee in a single module, please see the article Enrollment - Manually Enrolling Learners in Modules  . No auto enrollment is available for individual modules. 


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