Enrollment - Applying the Reporting Start Date/Look Back Date Feature (Manual Enrollment)

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Reporting Start Date

A Reporting Start Date means that any courses completed after the specified date will count toward completion of the training plan instance on all related reports. 

As an example, a manual reporting state date would be applied if a learner completed courses previously through training plan A, and those courses are also part of mandatory training plan B. You would need to adjust the new learner’s reporting start date when manually enrolling them into the training plan so that those previously completed courses will count towards the new training plan's completion.


** Please note, due to accreditation guidelines, the reporting start date feature is not available on the Registered Behavior Technician Series ** 



 How to Manually Set a Reporting Start Date


Step 1: Find the training plan in which the learner should be enrolled





Click on the enrollment button to the right of the training plan title to go to the enrollment page.


You will be brought to the "Currently Enrolled" page. To see the learners eligible for enrollment, click on the “Enrollment” tab, pictured below.





Step 2:  Check the box next to “Reporting Start Date”, and input the total number of days from which you want the system to recognize completions for the learner

  For example, if a learner completed a course on 5/11/2016, you would need to set the number of days to be far enough back in order for that course completion to be recognized by the system.





After entering the number of days, select the learner(s) you want to enroll, and click “Enroll”.



Step 3: View learner’s transcript to confirm enrollment




In this screenshot, the course the learner completed through training plan A (denoted by the white check mark inside a green circle) and the course they need to complete for training plan B are listed on the transcript. The training plan properties, such as course availability and due dates in training plan B, will now apply to the learner for these courses.





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