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Managing Sessions for a Live Event

Once you have added sessions to your Live Event (Live Events - Adding Sessions), you can manage the sessions by enrolling Learners, cloning sessions, or editing sessions.


Cloning a Session for a Live Event

Creating sessions is a relatively simple process, but can become tedious if you have to create multiple occurrences of the same session for different training dates.  To save time, you can click the Clone button to the left of the session you wish to duplicate.




This will pull up the details of the session you selected.  Everything will be exactly the same as it was for the original session you created, so you must remember to change the fields that will be different for the second session.  Generally, this includes the date/time of the session (and the date/time of the Attendance Code, if applicable), but could include the Session Location, the names of the Instructor(s), etc.



After you have made your changes, be sure to click the blue Save button at the top of the screen.  Once completed, you will see both of your sessions on the Sessions list.  You can continue to clone a session as many times as needed.



Please Note: The sessions list will only show you sessions that are scheduled for the future.  If you wish to see ALL sessions (even those that may have already occurred), be sure to uncheck the box.



Adding a Session to Outlook as an Instructor

While on the Session tab, Administrators and Instructors can see a link beneath each session to Add Session to Outlook.  This allows you to have the session date and time added to your outlook (and Gmail) calendar for easier remembrance.




Enrolling Learners into an Event

After all of your sessions are created, your next step is to enroll Learners.  You can do this by adding this Event to a training plan and enrolling Learners into the training plan (which allows them to select which session works best for their schedules), or you can directly enroll Learners into a specific session by clicking on the Enrollment button to the right of the session you wish to use.


The below process will explain how to enroll Learners directly into a session.  For more information on enrolling Learners into a training plan, please view our Enrolling Learners with Auto Enrollment or Manually Enrolling Learners in a Training Plan articles.



When enrolling Learners into a session, you can use filters to narrow down Learners by any of the profile attributes you have entered into the Relias Platform.  The important thing to note, is that if you have opted to allow a maximum number of attendees (in this case, 10), you cannot select more than 10 Learners to attend this session.


It is also important to note that you must enter a Due Date for this assignment, or else the Event will appear as an elective on your Learners' Current Training tab, and they will have the option to withdraw. 



Once you have enrolled your Learners, you can go back to the Session Enrollment tab (on the left) to view the sessions.  This enables you to see if a session is full, or if there are any Learners wait listed.



Clicking on the Select button to the left of a session will allow you to view only the Learners enrolled in that particular session.


Choosing the Event Management tab (on the left) will show you all of the sessions and their enrollments at one time.  From here, you can easily switch a Learner's session enrollment.



For more information on Recording Attendance for Learners, please view Live Events - Recording Attendance.



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