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The Requirements Tracker Module Type

A Requirements Tracker is a module that will allow you to easily and efficiently track non-training requirements for each individual employee.  The Requirements Tracker contains no  content or  exam, and is commonly used to track things such as CPR Certification, driver’s license renewals, and professional license renewals.  These non-training requirements cannot be obtained through an  module, and therefore are obtained by individuals outside of the RLMS.  An Administrator or Enrollment Supervisor must mark Requirements Trackers as complete for enrolled users.  Features include:

  • Requirements Trackers can be added to Training Plans (e.g., if a requirement recurs every 2 years).
  • Files and/or Documents can be uploaded and attached for viewing and tracking.
  • Requirements Trackers are available in the Relias Learning suite of reports, allowing for deeper visibility into submitted non-training requirements at the organizational level or individual level. 


Please Note: Customers are expressly prohibited from loading any Protected Health Information or other information which is covered under HIPAA to the Requirements Tracker.  Relias Learning is not responsible for any damages you incur due to non-compliance with HIPAA requirements.


Building a Requirements Tracker

To build a Requirements Tracker in Relias, begin by Creating a Module.  Then follow the steps below:

  • Click on Learning
  • Click on Modules 
  • Click on Module List
  • Click on the New Module button       


  • Select the +Requirements Tracker button


Please Note: the Requirements Tracker module does not allow for the addition of content, exams, or evaluations.  2015-09-23_14-20-13.png


  • Fill out the Course Code (optional), Credit Hours (required, but can be zero), Title (required), and Description (optional, but recommended).  In the Description field, clear directions can be written instructing Learners as to what requirement is needed per tracker module.



  • Select the Instructor (optional); this person will receive help emails if any are submitted by Learners enrolled in the module.  
  • Lastly, determine the appropriate Enrollment Settings.  By default, Learners are not allowed to self-enroll into Requirements Tracker modules.  Make sure to Save your Requirements Tracker shell.  After you Save, visit Module Search Filters if you want to associate your new Requirements Tracker module with a custom search filter for easier filtering within the Module List.


Enrolling Users Into a Requirements Tracker

You can enroll Learners into a Requirements Tracker in one of three ways: 1) directly from the Requirements Tracker after you build it, 2) from Modules & Enrollment, or 3) from Training Plans & Enrollment if it was added to a training plan.  To enroll Learners directly from the Requirements Tracker after you built it or from the Module itself (find your module by Searching For Modules) follow the instructions below.  To enroll Learners into your Requirements Tracker via a training plan visit Manually Enrolling Learners in a Training Plan or Enrolling Learners with Auto Enrollment after you build your training plan.

  • Click on Save and Go to Enrollment                                                                                                                                                                                                    rt2.png
  • Click on the Enrollment tab
  • Select a Due Date if applicable
  • Select Learners by selecting the check box next to their name
  • Click Enroll



Uploading Files and Marking Learners Complete: Administrators and Supervisors

The Requirements Tracker module allows for multiple files to be uploaded for each Learner.  Attachments can be uploaded, attached, and viewed by the Learner, the Learner’s Supervisor, and any organization Administrators.  All attachments will be printable, eliminating the need to track non-training requirements anywhere but within the RLMS.  An Administrator or Enrollment Supervisor must mark Requirements Trackers as complete for enrolled users. 


To upload files and mark complete:


  • Once you are finished enrolling users into your Requirements Tracker module, click on the Currently Enrolled tab to view all enrolled learners
  • You will notice the right most column in the grid titled Upload File.  In the Upload File column there are two icons, one for uploading files or documents (paper with an up arrow), and the other is for viewing the uploaded attachments (paperclip).  Click the upload icon.                                                                                        upload.png


  • Click Choose File to browse your computer for the desired file.
  • Click Upload to load the selected document for an individual Learner. 
  •  browse.png


  • Use the attachment icon to view/print the uploaded attachment.  The icon will appear with a blue border when a file is loaded. 
  • To mark learners complete for the Requirements Tracker, click the checkbox to the left of the Learners you wish to select,
  • Then use the Mark as Complete button to record a Grade and Completed Date.                        




* Please Note: You do not have to upload a document to a Requirements Tracker to mark learners complete.


Uploading Files: Learners

To allow for a more hands-off approach, Learners are also able to upload and attach documents to a Requirements Tracker and submit attachments to their Supervisor for review.  Automated emails will be sent notifying the Learner’s supervisor when an attachment has been submitted by the Learner.  The Supervisor will be able to view the attachments in Relias and decide whether or not to mark the Learner complete.


For a Learner to submit documents:


  • From the Assignments page, within Current Training tab listed under learning, click on Take Now to open up the module. 





  • Read the Description/Instructions (if applicable) for further information on the assigned Requirements Tracker.  Often, there are directions on what documentation is needed to be successfully marked complete for this Requirements module.
  • Under "Upload File," click on the Choose File button.  From your browser’s popup, browse and select the appropriate file, then click Open.  This will add your file to the Requirements Tracker. 


  • After you have added the necessary file(s), click the Upload button. Once you have uploaded a file, you will see the file name and size located under "File Upload."  If you wish to delete the uploaded file, click on the trashcan icon.


  • Click the Submit button to submit your requirement to your Supervisor.  The Submit button will trigger an email to your Supervisor notifying him/her that you have submitted a document for approval.  Your Supervisor will be able to then view the uploaded file(s), and choose whether or not you met the requirements to be marked complete.


  • Once your Supervisor (or Administrator) marks you complete, you will be able to view the Requirements Tracker module on your Completed Training tab.  You will have the option to print a copy of your uploaded files using the certificate icon located in the Completed column.


Viewing Files After Being Marked Complete

Administrators and Enrollment Supervisors will be able to view the uploaded attachments on the Learner's transcript.



Learners will be able to view the attachments on their Completed Training tab by clicking on the name of the Requirements Tracker, and then on the Attached File.  All attachments can be printed.



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