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Certificate Overview

The Certificates section is located under Learning > Modules >Certificates



When you first click on the Certificates tab, you will see a list of all certificates available on your site.  This includes certificates associated with Relias modules in your library, as well as any custom certificates created by your organization.  To see a list of what modules are associated with these certificates, click on the "Courses" link to the right of the certificate name.




Please note: Any certificates not owned by your organization cannot be modified.



Generic Certificates


For all modules, Learners are eligible to receive a generic certificate.  This allows your Learners to obtain a hard copy verifying completion of any training within the Relias site, including the Learner's name, course title, credit hours, and date of completion.  The generic certificate can include both your organizational logo as well as the Relias Learning logo.  The certificate does not contain a signature by default.


Please note:  Generic certificates can also be associated with training plans completions as long as the training plan is non-recurring or a completion-based Training Plans - Dynamic Date - Recurring Training Plan.



Certificate Creation

As an Administrator, you have the ability to create your own unique certificates that may then be associated with courses created by your organization.   To create your own certificate, click on the "+New Certificate" button. 



First, you will be prompted to enter a title and abbreviation for your certificate (these are required fields indicated by an asterisk*).  You may add a description or notes if needed.  In the Properties section, select "Course Certificate" if your certificate will be associated with a module.  Choose "Training Plan Certificate" if your certificate will be associated with completion of a training plan.  Training plan certificates can only be associated with non-recurring or a completion-based Training Plans - Dynamic Date - Recurring Training Plan and can only be printed after all modules within the training plan are completed.



Customizing your Certificate


The next section is designed to customize your certificate.  First, you will choose your background.  You may use one of the provided backgrounds, or you may upload your own.  To upload your own, click on the Browse button first to locate the file on your computer.  After your file is selected, click on the "Add to Background Image Library" button.  You may upload any of the following common file types as background images: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.  The recommended dimensions for your image are 800 x 600.  The background image you select will appear with every generic certificate that is printed.  


Please note:  All Administrators have access to the same library.  So when you upload your image, other Administrators on your site will be able to see it. 



If you decide you no longer want to include your custom background image in the library, you can remove it by clicking on the "Remove from Background Image Library" button.  If you choose to have no image on your certificates, click on the image all the way to the left of the image library.


Next, you can edit the text that appears on the certificate.  There will be static text that will appear on every Learner's certificate, such as "Certificate of Completion," as well as dynamic text, such as [Learner name] and [Completion Date].  Any information in brackets [ ] represents dynamic text and will be populated with the appropriate information from your Relias site when the certificate is printed.  To see the list of available text fields, click on the "Show available parameters" link. This will open up the entire list of available fields.






Any of these fields can be added to your custom certificate.  For example, to add a Learner's department to each certificate, type in "[dept]" within your template in the location you would like it to appear. 



All of the text that appears on the standard template is there to provide you an idea of how your certificate can look.  You are able to add or delete from it as you wish, but you will more than likely want to keep to the basic layout.


When you are finished customizing your certificate of completion, scroll back to the top of your screen and click Save.  Your certificate is now ready and available to associate to courses you create. 


Please note: Text within the brackets must not be modified. Additionally, custom certificates will not be included in the Reports - Bulk Certificate Printing.


Additional Notes about the Layout

In order to make the certificate creation process as smooth as possible, we layered the background image behind the text editor so you can get a sense of where each element will appear when printed.  Be aware, however, that if you have course titles (or Learner names or other data) that are too long to fit on a single line, all other elements will be pushed down the page when printed.

If you are not an HTML wizard and you have text that absolutely must
appear in a specific location on the certificate, you may want to make that text part of your custom background image.  For example, if you wanted to make sure that the name of your training director always appears immediately beneath his or her signature, regardless of how other text wraps, you should make sure your director's name appears on the background image rather than as part of the static text you input onto the template.


Here are more detailed documents on Certificates and guidance on creating and applying them to your training:

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