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The Settings tab is available to Administrators only. The Relias Platform Site Properties section is accessed by clicking on the Settings tab in the left panel. Then, click on Site Properties to expand the menu. Click Settings to view and/or update your site settings.

After you click on the Settings option, you will be brought to the Site Properties--Settings section which allows you to make global changes to multiple sections of the RLMS. It is broken down into the following sections:

  • Site Properties
  • Site Level Learner Settings
  • Contact Information and Settings
  • Miscellaneous Site Settings


Site Properties

Your organization name and the states you service can be found here.  This is also where you determine the time zone you would like to have displayed within your account.

Site Level Learner Settings

Default Learner View: This section allows you to choose how courses will display on the Learner's Current Training tab. You can choose to display the Course View (lists courses by due date), Training Plan View (displays courses broken out by training plan), or both as the default. If you select Both, you can choose which view is the default view - Course View or Training Plan View.  If you select both, on the Learner's page, there will be an icon available to toggle between the two views.

Allow Certificate Printing: From the drop-down box, select whether you want Learners to have the ability to print certificates.  Your options are as follows:

  • All - Learners may print all available certificates
  • CEU Only - Learners may only print certificates for CEU credit (they cannot print the generic certificates of completion)
  • Generic Only - Learners may only print the generic certificate of completion (they cannot print certificates for CEU credit)
  • None - Learners are not able to print any certificates

Display "Upcoming" but "Not Yet Available" Work to Learners:  When a course is not yet available to Learners, you have the option of having the course display on the Learner's current training tab with a lock icon, or not display at all until the course becomes available to be taken (depending on the availability date set in the training plan).  If you choose to NOT display courses until their availability date, UNCHECK the box that reads "Display 'upcoming,' 'but not yet available' work to Learners."

Admin Certificate Printing:  If you want to allow Administrators to print certificates from a Learner's transcript make sure to check this box.

Enable Learner Self-Completions/Future Training Requests:  Check this box if you will allow Learners to submit self-completions and future training requests, with or without approval.  These would be trainings that occur outside of the system, such as when a Learner attends a conference, for example.  See Adding External Training Records for more on this feature. 

  • Enabling these features will permit your Learners to enter information about their external trainings.  If these features are not enabled, the external trainings must be entered by an Administrator or Supervisor through the Learner's bluebook. External Training Templates 
    • For Learner Self-Completions: if you choose "Enabled, Approval Required," the Learner can submit the training, but the completion must be approved by the Learner's Supervisor.  As a best practice, if you choose to allow Learner Self-Completions, this is the option Relias would recommend.  
    • If you choose "Enabled," the Learner can enter their completion without requiring approval by a Supervisor or Administrator. 


Collapse Training Plans by Default:  Check this box if you would like your learners to view the titles of their training plan assignments only when they initially view their assignments. To view individual module assignments, learners will be required to expand their training plan list by clicking the + beside the title.


Reset All Learners to Organization Default - Clicking on this button will reset all Learners back to the default settings of the organization for Learner Self-Completions and Future Training Requests.

Contact Information and Settings

Contact info.png

Contact Email:  This email recipient will be contacted when Learners click the "Help" link at the top of the screen and enter their question or issue. 


Primary Liaison and Other Liaisons: Enter your primary Administrator information here. This is the contact designated by your organization to receive communication from Relias specific to your account. The contact listed in this field is eligible to make account changes.   Your liaisons will also receive Relias course updates and product release notes via email.     


Technical Contact Email: This should be the IT contact within your organization whom Relias can contact regarding technical issues.  This is also the contact that receives emails regarding SFTP submissions (if applicable). See HR Integration - HRIS Text File Importing - Overview and Sample File  for more information on this area. 



Miscellaneous Site Settings

Google Analytics Tracker ID:If you have a Google Analytics account and wish to monitor traffic on your site, you may enter the tracker identification here.


Logout URL: If you want your Learners to be directed to a specific website other than the Login screen when they log out of the RLMS, enter that web address here.  When users log out of your organization's RLMS site, they will be redirected to this new address.


Hide Login Requirements Check:  Checking this box will remove the System Requirements link from the login page. It is the System Requirements link that allows you to see if your computer has the required software to successfully run the RLMS.



Allow Users to Lookup Password: If the box that reads "Allow users to lookup password" is checked, Learners will see the following link on the login page:  "Forgot Your Password?.  If Learners supply a valid Last Name and E-mail Address, or their user name and password reset code will be e-mailed to them. The code is valid for 30 minutes.


This will also enable the ability for Learners to answer 3 security questions that will be required at their next log in.








Allow Users to Lookup Password: If the box that reads "Allow users to lookup password" is checked, Learners will see the following link on the login page:  "Forgot Your Password?.  If Learners supply a valid Last Name and E-mail Address, or their user name and password reset code will be e-mailed to them. The code is valid for 30 minutes.


This will also enable the ability for Learners to answer 3 security questions that will be required at their next log in.









The security questions provide an alternate way to reset the password. If a user with security questions created selects "Forgot Your User Name and Password?" they will be prompted to provide a Last Name and E-mail Address OR enter a valid User Name. If they enter their User Name they will then be prompted to answer the 3 security questions they selected and access their account.







IMPORTANT NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive and must be entered in with the correct case/capitalization to allow access into accounts.


The security questions and answers are available for Learners to view and edit in their My Account section of the Learner view.  For a complete view of the log in process and troubleshooting its issues, please see  Log In Issues 







Allow Users to Self-Register:  Checking this box will enable Learners to self-register if they are a new user to the site.


Inactivate Terminated Users: Checking this box will inactivate a Learner when a termination date is entered in his/her profile.



Enable Shared UserThis only appears if your account has the Shared User feature enabled for it.  If this box is not checked, Learners cannot share their completions from your account to another  Relias organization where the Learners may also work.  Please view our Shared User Model - Overview article for more information.


Allow User Import Password Updates:  This setting is applicable when importing Learners into the RLMS.  If this box is checked, any password updates for Learners will override those passwords that are already in the RLMS.


Display Not Met Skills Checklists:  Checking this box will enable you to see Skills Checklists with a Not Met status on both the Learner transcript and the Learner's Completed Training tab. 


Allow Changes to Training Plan Properties to Affect All Enrolled Learners:  When making changes to your training plan  ONLY under the "Scheduling" tab or  or  the "Settings" tab, the changes will only be reflected for Learners enrolled going forward, not for Learners who are currently enrolled in the training plan.  If you want your changes to affect ALL Learners, including those already enrolled, check this box prior to making your changes.  NOTE: It is strongly recommended to un-check this box after your training plan setting changes are saved.  This will prevent other Administrators from inadvertently making changes to all Learners.  It is also recommended you contact our Support team prior to using this feature to ensure your changes have the intended effect.

This setting is not intended when module updates, swaps, or additions are made to the Training Plan   

See Training Plans - Modifying an Existing Training Plan (Allowing Changes to Training Plan Properties)  for more information on this area. 



Enable Team Leaderboard: If your organization is  using the gamification feature of the RLMS, you can determine if you would like to enable a Leaderboard to rank your organization's "teams" based on their compliance and completion percentages of RLMS modules.


Require Secure Passwords: Checking this box will allow you to require that each user in the site has a secure password. Secure passwords must include at least 8 characters, at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter and at least one number. If this setting is enabled User data will need to be updated during the next modification, and all future bulk user imports will need to have passwords that meet these standards.



Enable Brain Sparks:  Checking this box enables BrainSparks to be sent to learners upon completion of Relias learning modules that have BrainSparks attached. This enables or disables BrainSparks site wide. BrainSparks can also be managed on the module properties page and in the "BrainSparks Management" section of Modules and Enrollment.

Allow users to access Relias' mobile app:  This enables or disables access to the Relias Learning mobile app for your entire organization.


Login Instructions:  Enter any instructions regarding logging into the RLMS that you want your Learners to see on the login page.


Viewing Exam Results: For Relias Learning exams, the system will automatically allow Learners to see correct answers after each attempt.  If you do not like this global setting, you are able to change it by selecting one of the following options.  Please be aware that this is a global change and will take effect for ALL Relias courses.

  • Always display correct answers
  • Never display correct answers
  • Only display correct answers after last attempt


Disregard Course Override Settings for Marking Learners Complete:  Within the properties of each course, there is the option to allow an Administrator, Supervisor, or Instructor to mark a course complete. This option overrides those individual settings.  For all courses on the RLMS, you can choose from the following options:

  • Override allowed by Administrators or Supervisors - Administrators or Supervisors may mark courses complete
  • Override allowed by Administrators Only - Only Administrators may mark courses complete
  • Override not enabled - No one may mark courses complete

Warning:  Learners will not receive accreditation/continuing education credit for courses marked complete by Administrators or Supervisors.

Registration Code:  If a code is entered here, it will be required for a Learner to enter this code upon self-registering for the Relias Learning Management System.  If you are not using self-registration, this feature will not apply to you.


Additional Information

On the bottom left hand corner of your Settings Tab screen is the following additional information:


Organization ID (OrgID) and Organization Code (OrgCode): These are automatically assigned by the Relias system and are necessary if your organization uses web services, SFTP, or other technical services to transfer data to the Relias Learning site.

URL: This is the first part of your organization's URL.  For example:


Date Created: The date your site was created.

Date Last Modified: The date you last updated your settings.


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