Customize Languages

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Customize Languages


The Customize Languages section is located under the Settings tab > Site Properties.



Here are the fields within Relias that are customizable:

  • User Categories
  • Departments
  • Employment Types
  • Job Titles
  • User Location
  • Custom Field 1
  • Custom Field 2
  • Custom Field 3

You also have the option to update fields in Spanish. Should you choose to update the language to Spanish, select that option from the drop-down box. Updating a field in Spanish, for example, it will not affect the fields for those viewing the site in English. 


Search for the field you want to update by entering it in the Search box at the top, right hand corner and click ENTER.  For example, you may want to change the term "Job Title" to "Position."  In order to change this in your site for all Learners, search for "Job Title" using the Search box.  The original text appears under the column, "Original Value."


Once found, click on the "Edit" button to the right of the text you are changing.


The Edit button will open up a text window.   Enter your new value in the white box under the "Custom Value" column.  Click the "Update" button when complete.



Reset Custom Values:  Clicking on this button will reset all your custom values back to the RLMS default values.



Updating Custom Fields


One of the most common uses of the "Customize Language" feature is renaming the Custom Fields.  Under Settings > User Profile Customization, you can find 3 Custom Fields that Relias offers.  To learn more about the Custom Fields, please view our User Profile Customization article.



These field names can be updated to the name that you choose using the same steps outlined above.  For example, "Custom Field 1" can be changed to "Shift."

Search for "Custom Field 1" using the search box.




Click on the "Edit" button to the right of the custom field you are changing. This will open up a new text box where you can enter the new name for this field.  Once entered, click the "Update" button to save your changes.



Please Note: When searching for certain fields (such as Custom Field 1), you may notice there is another option called "All Custom Field 1."  The All option will appear when using drop-down filters in certain sections of the RLMS.  For example, when you are on the Users tab, you can filter your list of Learners by Custom Field 1.  Assuming you have changed Custom Field 1 to Shift, you can then filter your list of Learners by First Shift, Second Shift, or Third Shift.  If you use "All Shift", then it will pull all of your Learners who are First Shift, Second Shift, and Third Shift.


By editing both the "Custom Field 1" and the "All Custom Field 1" fields, you will improve data consistency and reduce confusion.




Your new field name will now be displayed under the User Profile Customization section.



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