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Data Export

In most cases, Relias' comprehensive reporting features will be sufficient for your needs. However, in certain circumstances you may want to download ALL of your organizational data in a specific area, and in these cases the Data Export feature will be your answer.

You can find the Data Export section by going to the Settings  > Data Export.


What is in the Data Export?

The data export allows you to retrieve files covering eight different areas within Relias:

  • Users – demographic data for all Learners in your organization.
  • Courses – data covering the courses that appear in your Relias site. You can use this for information about credit hours, 508 compliance, etc.
  • Training Plans – basic properties for the training plans in your site, such as recurrence cycle.
  • Hierarchy – information about the hierarchy folders in your site; when joined with the Users information, you can see which users are in which folders.
  • Course Sessions – information about live event sessions associated with specific courses.
  • Course Enrollments – data for each Learner enrollment in courses in your site, including completion data.
  • External Course Enrollments – if you have used the external course completion features, you can retrieve that data here.
  • Training Plan Enrollments – information about who is enrolled into your various training plans and information about the recurrence cycle.
  • Licenses & Certification --information about licenses and certifications input into user profiles



You can retrieve the data export as a text file (TXT) or XML file (useful if your IT department wants the data to "talk" with another system).


Additionally, you can automate the data export by contacting the Support Team.  We will have the ability to set up a nightly delivery to a dedicated FTP directory for your organization.

**Please Note, not all of the report options above are available for FTP extraction. For example, Course Enrollments Last 7 Days will need to be pulled manually from this tab**


What Does Each Field Mean?

The data export comes directly from Relias' back end database, and as a result some field names may not be self-explanatory. The data dictionary (available at the link beneath the title bar reading "Data Export") contains an explanation for each field available through the export.


How do I get my Data from TXT Format To Excel?

Relias generates a pipe-delimited text file when you click on the TXT link next to the table you want. That means each field is separated by a "|" character. (Hold the shift key when pressing your backslash (\) to use this pipe character).  Since course titles, user names, etc. almost never contain the pipe character, this is a logical character to use to separate fields.  To import a pipe-delimited text file into Excel, just follow these simple steps:

  • Save the file locally to your hard drive
  • Open Microsoft Excel and navigate to open the text file (you may need to tell Excel to look for all file types instead of just Excel files) 

Data export open with excel.png

The Text Import Wizard should open up asking you how you want Excel to treat this text file. Select "Delimited" as the file type and click "Next."

data export open excel 2.png

  • Select "Other" as your delimiter type and enter the pipe character (|). Click "Next."


data export open excel 3.png

  • Unless you have additional information you want to give Excel, click Finish and your file should open correctly.

What if I Only Want Some of my Data?

The Data Export is designed to be comprehensive. One reason why Relias is able to generate your data so quickly is because no filtering is required.

If you only want to see a subset of your data (e.g., only users in a specific department or only course completions for a set time frame), you should either use one of Relias' standard reports, or you will need to filter your data after loading it into your own local reporting system.


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