Enterprise Features - Subportals and Site Administrator Navigation

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Relias Enterprise Edition is designed to provide a solution for organizations that need to collaborate on a variety of e-learning functions including managing course content, enrollment, and reporting across multiple training sites. The Enterprise system is set up with a main administrative training site (the "Administrator Portal") and any number of linked training sites (the "Subportal" sites).


The Enterprise Edition can be implemented with full administrative control at the Administrator Portal level, or controls can be placed at the Subportal level to determine what data points the Admin Portal is permitted to view.  Users in the Admin Portal site with “Sites Administrator” permission are the only users able to utilize the Enterprise features; other users in an Admin Portal site may use their site in the same way users at non-Enterprise Relias sites do.  The following functions may be available to Sites Administrators, depending upon the specific controls assigned during implementation.


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Accessing Subportal SitesDirectly access your Subportal sites in order to perform administrative functions within those sites.
Sharing Content Among SubportalsOne of the advantages of the Enterprise model is the ability to share content among different Subportals.  Whether you are sharing modules, certificates, or training plans the process for sharing content is the same.
Reporting Across SubportalsIf you have requirements that are shared across your Subportals, you will want to be aware of some of the advanced features that allow you to report across various Subportals within a single report.
Enrolling Users Across SubportalsIf you are providing training plans or live event training, you will want to learn how you can easily manage enrollment records from a single interface across all your Subportals.
Creating SubportalsCreate Subportal sites to share content, training plans, and certificates as well as perform administrative functions within those sites.