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One of the advantages of the Enterprise model is the ability to share content across associated portals.  Whether you are sharing courses, certificates, or training plans, the process for sharing content is the same:


  1. Click the Learning drop-down under to see Training Plans, as a Sites Administrator.
  2. Click on Training Plans and then on Share Training Plans.
  3. When sharing training plans, only the main Portal will be a source option.
  4. When sharing modules:
  5. Choose your “Source” organization. This is the organization that owns the content item (in most cases this will be the same as the organization that created the module).
  6. By default, the source organization is the Administrator Portal, but it is possible to share content owned by a subportal with other subportals in your Enterprise. Select the appropriate source portal and a list of modules created in that site will be visible.
  7. Select your destination organization(s) that will be receiving the content in their site. This can be one, several, or all organizations in your Enterprise site. To select more than one organization, click in the destination field and select all appropriate destinations.
  8. Select the check boxes next to the items (courses, certificates, or training plans) you wish to share and click the “Share” button.


Accessing the subheading for sharing




Selecting destination Portals and training plans




Selecting source Portal, destination Subportal, and Modules


The process is completed exactly as above with the Training Plans - Select Destination subportal >Select title of Module(s) > Select Share


The items will now appear in each of the destination organizations.


Organizations receiving shared content have the same limited rights in using that content that they do with content originating with Relias Learning.  Please see below for more specific instructions on this topic.


What Can Non-Owners Do with Shared Courses?

If you have a course in your site that you do not own, you may add content to the module that is specific to your subportal, but it will not appear in any other portal.  For example, if you add your organization’s policies and procedures to a module, those policies will only appear to Learners taking the course within your organization.


Each subportal within the Enterprise functions independently as a site, so ensure that the source portal owns the content prior to sharing it with other subportals.

Course demographic information (e.g., title, credit hours) may only be modified by the owner organization.

For more information on working with course content, please review the training materials on Creating a Module.


What Can Non-Owners Do with Shared Certificates?

Shared Certificates appear in read-only form for non-owner organizations but may be completed and printed by Learners as with other certificates.

For more information on working with certificates, view Certificates.


What Can Non-Owners Do with Shared Training Plans?

Like certificates, training plans appear in read-only format for non-owner sites.  Users with the appropriate permissions in those sub-portals may view the training plan properties (e.g., rollover cycle, courses in the specific training plan, etc.) and enroll Learners into them, but they may not modify Shared Training Plans.


Sharing Training Plans will automatically share applicable custom modules. Relias owned modules not available to your sub portal site will not appear in the training plan after it is shared down.

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