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Generating Reports Across Subportals


All reports that are available to Administrators and Supervisors are also available to Sites Administrators.  There are a few key differences:


  • The Sites Administrator must first choose which organizations to report on in the Filter by Organization section (see image below). Where an Administrator or Supervisor reports on specific hierarchy nodes within an organization, the Sites Administrator chooses organizations (i.e., Subportals).  Any selected Subportal (organization) will include all Learners within that Subportal (assuming no additional reporting filters are applied on subsequent screens).  In other words, the Sites Administrator does not select hierarchy nodes in addition to Subportals, but instead selects Subportals and effectively tells the system to include all nodes within those Subportals when generating a report.


Please Note: If you are unfamiliar with running reports, please view our article on Functions Common to Most Reports.



  • All relevant input and output screens include the name of the Subportal which owns the record. The Sites Administrator can select unique filters from each Subportal, and on the report output will see Organization names alongside other key data points.



Data that the Subportal Does Not Share


Depending upon the contract terms of the Admin Portal and Subportal relationship, Subportals may be permitted to hide certain data from the Admin Portal. The Subportal may do so by clicking “Hide From Admin Portal” or by adjusting the "Visible in Admin Portal" setting when working with the appropriate data point.


Examples include:


  • Data pertaining to specific Learners. If a Learner is flagged “Hide from Admin Portal,” none of that Learner’s data will be included in Admin Portal level reporting.  This includes not only specific Learner data (e.g., modules the Learner has completed), but also aggregate data (e.g., total training hours completed by the Subportal would not include such users when reported on at the Admin Portal level).


hide from.png


  • Data pertaining to specific modules. The Subportal may define specific modules that are not to be included in Admin Portal level reporting.

hidden module.png


  • Data pertaining to specific training plans.  This applies to the training plans data only.  If a Learner (who is not flagged as hide from Admin Portal) completes a module (also not flagged hide from Admin Portal) within a training plan that is flagged as hide from parent, the Administrative Portal will not see any specific evidence of the training plan, but the Learner’s module completion record would appear on module-related reports.  Alternatively, if a training plan contains modules that are flagged to hide from parent, but the training plan itself is available, the Administrative Portal could determine which Learners have completed the training plan even though they would not see records of the specific modules within that training plan.



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