Impact Nation 2017- Presentation List

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October 2nd 2017

1:00pm -  

Where is Healthcare Needed?  -- Carol Clayton


Level II Advanced RLMS Training -- Christine Connell & Sara DeFilipps  


Course Writing eLearning Master Class -- Maria Samot & Dana Thomas 


Turnover Workshop -- Jan Wilson


Level I Fundamentals RLMS Training -- Katie Curtis & Sue Williams


2:15pm - 

Payer Provider Collaboration: The value of data sharing for whole person care -- Megan Johnson


3:30pm - 

Using CMT Analytics to Outreach & Impact Opioid Prescribers -- Barbara Hallisey



October 3rd 2017

1:30pm - 

What is Data Analytics and Why Should My Organization Care? Use of Technology and Trends in Healthcare  -- Carol Clayton & Dr. Joe Parks 


Assessments: Predict Success, Personalize Onboarding and Promote Development  -- Deb Woods & Leslie Jeffries


Thinking Forward: Challenges facing Hospitals and Providers  -- Debi Damas


Train your front line managers to reduce turnover with the Skillsoft Leadership and Management Library -- Jeni Andrews & Doreen Jones


Assessment-driven education that uses data to transform how clinicians learn -- John Harrington & Sandhya Garner


In the Final Chapter of Life -- Mari Adams


Cost-Saving Strategies for Injury Risk Reduction in Public Safety -- Mandy Nice


Relias and The IRI Learning Model: A Non Profit Agency’s Journey to Become a Learning Institute  -- Gayatri Dubey & John McGuigan


Conflict Resolution -- Greg Streuly




No course? Boring course? No problem! Outsourcing custom content  -- Dana Thomas


Relias Research Institute: Study Findings, Upcoming Research and What it Means for You!  -- Emaley McCulloch


What's In it for Me?  Creating Training that Sticks.  (Adult Learning Principals) -- Katie Detwiler


Prescribed learning to target competency gaps and improve performance outcomes -- Maria Samot & Natasha Fisher


Helping You Help Them: Supporting the Family Caregiver  -- Trudy Croxton


HCAHPS Hospitals of Choice: Leveraging the HCAHPS Survey to become the employer and provider of choice -- Brian Lee


Leveraging Technology to Increase Capacity in Onboarding, Compliance, and Retention -- Dana James, Lisa Fisher, & Miriam Vega


Missouri Case Study: Comprehensive Adoption of Analytics of Throughout the Continuum of Care -- Dr. Joe Parks


Winning Wellness in Public Safety: How to Develop an Affordable Results-Oriented Wellness Program. -- Mandy Nice




How We Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Compliance and Build the Best Training Program -- Alex Cook & Joe Chapman


How to Design, Implement, and Manage Your Annual Training Program -- Hatti Olson 


Cultural Competency & Humility Training is Leadership Development in Disguise -- Jamie Fenton


An overview of data analytics applied to Acute Care, and how to use them better than we are today -- Alyson Erwin


Modern Day Customer Service: The Relias Way -- Candace Wallace & Bryan Coro


Regulatory changes in the 2018 landscape -- Debi Damas


It can do that? Hidden features and advanced functionality of the RLMS -- Katie Curtis & Trudy Croxton


Holistic pre-hire assessment offering clinical, situational and behavioral insights validated to predict nurse success -- Leslie Jeffries



5:00pm - 

Job Embeddedness and Job Satisfaction Through Internal Customer Service Initiatives -- Amy Johnson


12 Barriers of Front Line Engagement - Brian Lee


Population Health: Using Data to Improve Outcomes and Inform Decisions -- Dr Christopher Reist & Laurie Nelson


Case Management in Home Care: Advocacy and Accuracy -- Jennifer Collins


Achieve Staff Competence in a Whole Person Team- Based Integrated Care Setting -- Laura Minor & Heidi Joseph


Premium Blend: Transitioning from Live, Compliance-Driven Training to Competency-Based Blended Learning -- Peter Wright


Instructional Design - Modern Course Writing Techniques -- Maria Samot & Dana Thomas


Relias PATHS : Learning that leads to behavior change -- Emaley McCulloch & Deb Woods



October 4th 2017

11:00am -

The Role of Public Safety in the Opioid Epidemic-- Dr. Jonathan McCombs


Let's Focus on the Future of the Behavioral Health Industry -- Deb Woods & Carol Clayton


Let's Focus on the Future of the Acute Care Industry -- Debi Damas & Alyson Erwin


Let's Focus on the Future of the Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Industries -- Jen McCraw


Federal Overview: What rules, reforms and regulations affect you -- Gabrielle Sedor


A Behavioral Approach to Crisis Management -- Merrill Winston


Let's Focus on the Future of the Home Care and Hospice Industry -- Natasha Fisher


Let's Focus on the Future of the Payer and Insurer Industry -- Tom Friedman




Provider Incentive Programs -- Jen McCraw


Reducing Readmissions through Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Skilled Nursing -- Billie Jo Nutter & Holly Nester


Improving Organizational Performance with Continuous Learning -- Christi Lindensmith & Theresa Raines


Training Evaluations and Improvement Models -- Dr Jonathan McCombs


The Journey to the Top: How St Lukes Ascended from Good-to-Great, becoming One of the US’s Very Best Health Systems. -- Dr. Marc Chasin & Bob Lokken


Retention strategies for health and human services organizations -- Martha Munro


Show me the Money! Considering Merit-Based Pay -- Michael Christopher


Early recognition of Nursing Home Acquired pneumonia, Is it possible? -- Soffy Vilson


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Organizational Behavior Management for the ABA Practitioner -- Todd Ward




Motivational Interviewing in the Correctional Setting -- Amanda Pasley & Kathleen Lowery


A Crisis Center’s Compliance Transformation with Online Learning -- Beth Malterud & Shelby Graves


Translating a Corporate Integrity Agreement into a Training Plan within the RLMS  -- Debbie Miller & Sarah Haynes


Collaboration and open communication between clinical and financial departments -- Diane Link & Nick Seabrook


Setting up for Success:  Preparing for Patients with Chronic Pain -- Dr Karl Haake


Supervising and Training Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) -- Laura McKee & Stephanie Bates


Microbusinesses and Employment Opportunities -- Melinda Moore


Creating a Hospice Nurse:  How to Develop a Hospice Preceptor Program -- Nadia Soulouque


What's Next in Payment? -- Tom Friedman & Laurie Nelson




Achieving great outcomes by Measuring, Monitoring and Maturing -- Alyson Erwin & Debi Damas


Panel: Fostering Successful Leaders in Autism and Disability Services  -- Emaley McCulloch, Stephanie Bates, Megan Kennedy, Todd Ward, Laura McKee


Social Determinants of Health: Impact on Patient Experience, Patient Care, and Provider Reimbursement  -- Tom Friedman


Putting Together a Winning New Hire Orientation  -- Alexis Scott


Keeping the Talent You Have:  Engaging employees & Preparing for Skills Gaps -- Ammie Black



Distinguishing Fact from Fiction when it Comes to Opioid MisUse: Teasing out Risk and Response through Data -- Dr. Christopher Reist & Laurie Nelson


Using Technology to Create Efficiency Within Public Safety  -- Keith Kaiser


Where Your Compliance-Based Training is Failing People with Disabilities in Living Inclusive Lives -- Nancy Brooks-Lane


Are the Lions, Tigers & Bears Blocking your Yellow Brick Road to Find Talent? Successful Techniques to reduce turnover in non-acute settings  -- Rosalie Webster