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This tool is a spreadsheet used to import historical data. The data can simply be added to the user’s transcript as a historical record, or can be used to map completions for a dynamic recurring training plan based on the historical data’s completion dates.

The spreadsheet has several columns, not all of which are required to fill in

UsernameThis is a required field The username must match the exact username in the RLMS. You can find this under the “users” tab.

Last NameNot a Required field The Last Name of the Learner can be found under the “users” tab

First NameNot a Required field The First Name of the Learner can be found under the “users” tab

External Course Code Required for mapping historical data to a dynamic training plan Each course or event must have a unique external course code if you are establishing this as a record to map dynamic completions for a training plan. This code is not found on the RLMS

External Course TitleThis is a required field Enter in the name of the course or event

Course Search FilterNot a required field If you decide to use this filter, it must match a Course Search Filter already defined on your RLMS site. It is best to use filters that are broad but still capture the descriptive nature of the training. Examples are, “Administrator Meeting” or “Classroom Event”

Start DateNot a required field This would be the start date for a training. This may be used as a start date for a multiple day event. Use the date convention:  MM/DD/YY

Completed DateThis is a required field This is the completion date of the course or event. This is the date that will appear on the learner’s transcript, as well as be used for the initial completion date on the dynamic training plan. This cannot be a future date.  Use the date convention MM/DD/YY

GradeNot a required field Enter a grade for the training if a test was given. This will appear on the learner’s transcript. The grade must be between 0-100 with no percentage symbol

Location – Not a required field Enter in the location for the training if it was held at a special location

HoursThis is a required field  Enter in the credit hours for the training- this can be shown in decimals (i.e- 0.25 hours, 0.5 hours) . This will appear in the learner’s transcript as well as the training hours report.

RLMS Course Code – This is a required field for mapping only -  This is the code for the course or training existing on the RLMS and should be the code for the training assigned to your users via a dynamic recurring training plan. This will be used to map the historical data to the matching course code on the RLMS. The upload process will update the assigned due date to be equal to the prior completion date plus the rollover days defined in your recurring curricula. NOTE: Users must be enrolled in the recurring training plan prior to the Historical Data Upload processing to allow for the system to modify the due dates automatically.


  • Some items to note:
  • The mapping only works with a dynamic recurring training plan
  • Hire date training plans are not supported with mapping
  • The historical data can only be mapped to one Relias course

Please contact Support when you have your Historical Spreadsheet filled out. We will be able to upload it to your site.

 If you do not see what you are looking for, please refer back to the The Relias Platform How-To-Manual