Policy and Procedure for Reporting

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Correct Procedure for CE Broker Reporting


  1. Please make sure the correct Professional Role, State, and License is chosen in the RLMS. This is done in your Learner role, under the “Licenses &Certifications” tab on your nav bar.



  1. The Professional Number must be added with no space between the prefix and the number. (i.e. – correct is PN12345 /incorrect is PN 12345)
  2. If you belong to a national association that we report for, you will have an additional member number to fill under the Professional Number box. For example, ASHA and the NAB registry.
  3. The correct license information must be added at the time of course completion. Relias runs nightly automated CE Broker reports and this does not pick up completions PRIOR to the day the correct license and license format is entered.
  4. Not all courses taken through Relias satisfy your Board’s requirements. Please make sure to filter your transcript by your license or certification to verify which completions will apply to your renewal.

You can do this by going to My Learning > Transcript >  Use the “All Licenses & Certificates” filter to select your professional role and state. This will narrow your completions to for the license you select.  



  1. If you are a FL Speech Language Pathologist (FL SLP) , we will report to ASHA and ASHA will then report to CE Broker on your behalf.
  2. If you are a FL Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant (FL PT/PTA), please look at your certificate(s) for notification that you need to self-report. We cannot report any courses that are approved through state reciprocity.
  3. There will be a delay from the time Relias reports to CE Broker and the time the completions appear on your CE Broker roster. Please allow for 3-5 days from the course completion date, if the conditions above are met. The delay may be longer at certain times of the year.
  4. If you believe all the conditions above have been met, but you do not see your courses on your CE Broker transcript, please print out a copy of your CE Broker roster and contact Support. There is no limit to how far we can go back to report.
  • You may also choose to self-report, although you may get error messages if we have already reported for you. Please check your CE Broker roster before doing so.



To create your free basic CE Broker account:  https://www.cebroker.com/fl/account/basic


If you have forgotten your CE Broker password:  https://help.cebroker.com/common-questions/manage-your-account/what-if-i-forgot-my-username-or-password


How to self-report:  https://help.cebroker.com/common-questions/track-and-report-ce/how-do-i-self-report-ce 


License requirements:  https://help.cebroker.com/common-questions/track-and-report-ce/what-are-my-requirements 


Other CE Broker help questions:  https://help.cebroker.com 


Relias is unable to see your CE Broker roster. Please contact CE Broker directly with any questions about self-reporting, reporting errors, or other items that are specific to the CE Broker site

Phone:  (877) 434-6323

Email:  support@cebroker.com

Chat:  https://help.cebroker.com/  and choose the conversation button in the lower right corner