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Licenses & Certifications Guide


The Licenses & Certifications management tool makes it easy for Learners to track their professional license and certification requirements. The tool maps professional roles are mapped to states, and states to specific licenses and certifications. This mapping creates a quick search to accurately find your correct state licensure or certification. The Licenses & Certifications management tool supports the ability to add multiple licenses or certifications, which is helpful for those who are licensed in multiple states or who have multiple licenses.



Entering License and Certification Information

  1. Log in to your RLMS account


  1. As a learner, click on the Licenses & Certifications tab























  1. Click “+Add My License or Certification”























  1. Select the Professional Role that most closely matches your If you do not have a professional license or certification to add, please select General Staff / Other. All users must have some type of license or certification information added in order to print certificates of completion and CE certificates




































  1. After selecting a Professional Role, select the state in which you are licensed or certified




  1. Select your correct License or Certification. Relevant Accrediting Board and CEU regulatory information will display for your License or Certification at the bottom of the popup. This information will help you search for and find courses which carry CEUs for your particular license or







































  1. Enter all fields under the License or Certification Details portion of the (only the ones with the asterisk * are required)
    1. Total Hours Required – Number of CE hours you must complete during each renewal period in order to maintain your license or certification
    2. Total Online Hours Accepted – Number of CE hours you are allowed to complete through online learning
    3. Renewal Period – The frequency in which you must renew your professional license or certification



  1. Reminder – Set up warning emails to alert you when your license or certification is coming up for renewal
  2. Professional Number – Enter your professional license or certification number

* Please note, if you are reported to CE Broker, please make sure there is no space between your license prefix and the license number

  1. Next Renewal Date – The next date in which you must renew your professional license or certification


  1. Click “Save” to save your information


Searching for Courses by License or Certification


Once you have added your License or Certification information, you may search for courses that will help you maintain your continuing education needs. If you cannot see an option to add courses/electives, you may need to speak with your Administrator to have this feature enabled for your account.




  1. From your My Learning tab, click on “+Browse Elective Courses”



















  1. The ‘All Licenses & Certifications’ filter highlighted below will allow you to search for courses based on your professional license or certification. If you have more than one license or certification, you are able to search by one or all of your licenses or
    1. If you choose to search by one license or certification, the course list will be filtered by that one license or certification and the only courses that will display carry CE credit towards that license
    2. If you choose to search by All My Licenses & Certifications, the course list will be filtered to include courses that carry CE credit towards both of your licenses or certifications