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Job Fit

This report allows you to search by department, job category, and date range to see which clinicians provide the best job fit for each specialty, based on behavioral assessment results.

If you have not already reviewed the training material on  Functions Common to Relias Assessments Reports please do so before continuing with this report.

Access this report under Reports > Assessments. Next, click on the title of the report.

Job Categories

You will be required to select a specific Job Category to run the Job Fit report. Select the appropriate Job Category from the drop down menu. Your report results will initially display job fit information for the job category selected, but you will also be able to view information on additional job categories in your report results. View the Running Your Report section of this article for more details. 


This section allows you to filter your report based on hierarchy level. To choose a hierarchy level, click the hierarchy drop down menu. This will bring up a list of all of the hierarchy levels that you are able to choose from. If you wish to run the report for users in all hierarchy levels, leave this field blank.

Please note that if you are in the Supervisor role, you will only have access to running reports within hierarchy levels your Relias Administrator has provided you access to.

User Roles

This section will allow you to set parameters on which user roles will appear on the report.  Similar to selecting a Hierarchy level or an Assessment, select the appropriate User Role by clicking Applicant, Learner or All Roles from the drop down menu. For more information on the Applicant role, exclusive to the Relias Assessments solution, review the Relias Assessments - Applicant User Role  document.


This section will allow you to decide which type of completion data will be returned on your report. You are able to view assessments that have not yet been started, assessments that are in progress but have not been completed, completed assessments or you may view all completion statuses in your report results.


You will have the option to select a specific behavioral assessment for your report. Select the appropriate behavioral assessment from the Assessments drop down menu, or run the report for all of the behavioral assessments on your site.


This section will allow you to narrow your reporting results down by location. You may select one of the available locations from the drop down menu, or you may choose to view report results from all of the locations on your site. 


This section will allow you to narrow your reporting results down by department. You may select one of the available departments from the drop down menu, or you may choose to view report results from all of the departments on your site. 

Date Range

This section will allow you to narrow your reporting results by date range. Applying this filter allows you to see reporting results for assessments that were assigned during the date range you selectSelect from the list of preset date ranges: This Year, Last Year, Year to Date, Last Six Months, Last Month, This Month, Last Quarter, This Quarter, Yesterday, Today, or specify the date range by choosing the dates from the calendar.

**Note: All parameters are in an AND relationship; therefore if you choose a specific hierarchy AND a specific user role, users must meet both of these requirements to appear on the report. This greatly narrows your reporting results. 

Running Your Report

After selecting the appropriate filters, run your report by clicking the Apply button at the top of the page. Your reporting results will appear in the field beneath your report filters.

The report for the Relias behavioral assessment provides information about job applicants and/or staff in several different areas of interest. We recommend that the information contained within this report be viewed as only one source of information that can be used to help employers make decisions about potential (or existing) employees, and that no decision should be made based solely on the information contained within the report. Rather, we recommend using the results to identify areas that might benefit from further investigation during other portions of the selection or placement process, such as during an interview or applicant's background review.

The Job Fit report compares the test taker's behavioral results with the results of top performers in each specific specialty role. The test taker's score is illustrated using the placement of the diamond icon along the sliding scale. If the diamond appears in thegreen range, the test results indicate that the test taker's responses match most top performers. If the diamond appears in the yellow range, the test results indicate that further inquiry into the trait may be needed. If the diamond appears in the red range, the test results indicate that the test taker's responses were opposite from most top performers. The traits measured are:

  • Favors repetitive tasks
  • Favors multi-tasking
  • Favors friendly conversations
  • Favors change
  • Favors listening
  • Favors low stress, predictable situations
  • Favors working individually
  • Frank, Candid


To view behavioral results for the other available Job Categories on your site, choose from the Job Category drop down menu.



Click on the number value that appears in the Score column to view detailed behavioral assessment results. The in depth behavioral assessment results include information about the test taker's personality. that can help foster the test taker's Development and Leadership within your organization. This information is presented in the following sections:

  • Learning & Solving Problems
  • Friendliness
  • Teamwork
  • Taking Direction From Others
  • Consistently Following Procedures
  • Detail Orientation
  • Presenting Ideas
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Dealing With Confrontation
  • Motivating Others



Exporting and Printing Your Report

To export your Relias Assessments Report click the export button located at the top right. The export button will become available after you have applied your selected reporting filters. You will be able to export the report data as an excel document (.xlsx file type).

To export a full, complete printable pdf version of the behavioral assessment results that includes the Leadership and Engagement results click the View printable version option at the top of the Job Fit results page.

Relias provides different types of Assessments Reports. The list below includes currently available Assessments Reports reports. Please click on the link to learn more about the report and how to create it: 



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