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Manually Enrolling Applicants/Learners in Assessments

To enroll users into an assessment, you must first choose the assessment that you would like to assign. 


How to Get to Your Assessments List

In order to get to your assessments list, click Assessments located in the left panel found beneath the Solutions section on the left panel.




How to Search the Assessments List

There are two simple ways to search the assessments list:


  1. Alphabetically: The assessments list is organized alphabetically by title.  It displays 100 assessments on a page at a time.  You can scroll through the assessments list and use the arrow buttons to navigate between pages.  You can also click any of the column headers (title, type, validated, or assigned) to sort the assessments list in ascending or descending order by that value.  For example, clicking on the Assigned header will sort the module list by number of enrolled users, first least-to-most, then most-to-least (if you click Assigned again). 
  2. The Search Box: The best way to perform simple searches in the assessments list is to use the search box:



Here you can input your desired search terms.  The search function will look for matches in the title of all assessments in your site.  For example, if you are looking for assessments appropriate for CNAs, it is advisable to search for 'CNA'.  The search function will show any assessments that contain 'CNA' in the title:



You can also search for exact titles if you know them.  Just be aware that if you include more information than is contained in a title, the search may not find results.  For example, searching for 'CNA Test' will not return any search results, because there is no assessment title that contains all of those terms.  When in doubt, search for the least information possible for the most results.

Advanced Search Options

You can use the Filters available to sort the Assessments List by Type and/or Validity.  The Assessments List will always display these two filters across the top by default.  


Assessment Types:

  • Behavioral Assessments - Does this candidate possess personality characteristics that are a good match for this specialty?
  • Clinical Assessments - Does the candidate have the technical knowledge to complete the required job tasks?
  • Situational Assessments - How would this candidate interact with others: i.e. physicians, patients and families?
  • Self Assessments - On a scale of 1 - 4, how does the candidate rate their proficiency of skills related to this specialty? On a scale of 1 - 4, what is the candidate's perceived frequency of practice for these skills? 




*Please Note*

Applicant users are only eligible to take Validated assessments. You will be unable to assign unvalidated assessments to your Applicant users. Learners are eligible to take all assessment types.


Each filter has a 
default setting.  In this case, the filters are set to show all assessment types that are validated and unvalidated.  If you click on the filter, you can see the other values available for selection.


When you select one of these values from a filter's drop-down menu, the Assessments List will re-load and apply the new filter.  The Assessments List will be narrowed to include only assessments that meet the criteria of the selected filters.


Once you have identified the assessment you wish to use, you can access the enrollment section by selecting the blue enrollment icon located to the right of the assessment title.



Once you click on the blue enrollment icon, you will be taken to the Currently Assigned screen. Any users that have current assignments for this assessment will appear on this list. From this list, you are able to:

  • Unassign this assessment
  • Change the assigned due date
  • Send a reminder email about the assessment assignment 



To begin enrolling applicants or learners into the assessment, simply click on the Assign link at the top of the page.  On this new page, you can search for the learners and applicants you want to enroll, and set their due dates.  You can use the available Filters to narrow down your users by Department or User Role.  


Please keep in mind that Applicant users are only eligible to take Validated assessments. You will be unable to assign unvalidated assessments to your Applicant users. Learners are eligible to take all assessment types.



After you have found the Learners you want to enroll, check the boxes next to their names (you can also click the topmost check box to select "All Users" who fit the parameters you have selected).


To assign an Assessment, you must assign a due date. Click Assign Due Date and select the appropriate due date. Then, assign the assessment by clicking the Assign Assessment button.



To see Relias Assessments assignments from the Learner view, visit the Learner View - Assignments Tab knowledge article.

To see Relias Assessments assignments from the Applicant view, visit the Relias Assessments - Applicant User Role  knowledge article.