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Applicant Role

The Applicant user role is available to clients that subscribe to the Relias Assessments solution only. The Applicant Role allows you to assign pre-hire, validated assessments to candidates without detracting from your contracted user allotment.


Creating Applicants

Administrators and Supervisors with User Management permissions are able to create new Applicant profiles on your site.

To create a new Applicant profile:

  • Click Users to expand the user menu
  • Click Applicants
  • Select New Applicant from the top of the Applicant user list



Because Applicants are not members of your staff, you are not required to enter information for all of the profile attributes that you are required to submit when you are creating a Learner profile.

Applicant profiles require:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address (serves as the Applicant's user name)
  • Password (must be at minimum 8 characters long and contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number.)
    • You are able to require that applicants change their password when they login


You may include additional, optional information like Hierarchy, Job Title, Department or Location.


To allow the Applicant to receive automated emails that will notify them of any Assessment assignments, check the checkbox at the bottom of the page to enable this feature.


Click Save at the bottom at the page to create the new Applicant.



You will receive a confirmation message when your Applicant account is created: 


For information on assigning Assessments to your Applicants, view the Relias Assessments Manual Enrollment knowledge article.


Applicant View 

The Assignments tab is where Applicants can go to do the following things:

  • View their assigned Assessments
  • View Transcript of completed Assessments

  *Applicants will only be able to see their numerical Clinical Assessment scores if your organization has elected to allow users to view their Clinical Assessment scores from your Relias Assessments - Assessments Settings (Administrator Only) 


The Assessments tab is where Applicants can go to view and complete their assigned Assessments. 


Their assigned due date is displayed to the right of their assignment's title. Before launching the assessment, Applicants are required to access the assessment overview. 

The Assessment Overview includes:

  • The Applicant's name
  • Instructions to verify that their name and assignment details appear correctly
  • Directions to "Begin Assessment" that inform the Applicant that they will only be able to proceed forward through the assessment; they will be unable to go back to revise answers they previously submitted
  • Review Materials - for Clinical/Knowledge Assessments review materials do not include study guides or educational content. They are assessment outlines only that list the topics being tested in the assessment.
  • Exam Information
    • Assessment Title
    • Number of questions
    • Cutoff Score - the cutoff score is the minimum passing score
    • Time Remaining- Applicants are required to finish the assessment in the time allotted. Any questions left unanswered after the assessment time runs out will be marked incorrect.
    • Attempts Remaining - Applicants may enter a Clinical/Knowledge Assessment two (2) times and save their progress without completing the assessment. On the Applicant's third entry, the assessment must be completed as it is their final allowed attempt for this assignment. Any questions left unanswered after the assessment time runs out will be marked incorrect. 
  • Begin Assessment - clicking the begin assessment button launches the assessment; the Time Remaining clock will immediately begin counting down.


After the Applicant has completed their Assessment assignment, their completion will appear in their transcript. Your Relias Administrator can update your organization's site setting to either hide Clinical Assessment grades from Applicants or allow Applicants to see their Clinical Assessment grades.



Converting Applicants to Learners

After an Applicant completes their pre-hire, validated Assessments and your organization makes the decision to hire the candidate, Administrators and Supervisors with User Management permissions are able to convert Applicants to Learners. 

To convert Applicants to Learners:

  • Click Users to expand the user menu
  • Click Applicants
  • Locate the Applicant on the list of users and click their name


  • At the top of the Applicant's profile, click Convert to Learner

  • To convert the Applicant to a Learner, you will need to enter information for each of the required fields on your site. To learn more about Site Settings - Required Fields visit the knowledge article for details.
  • Click Convert to change the user from an applicant to a member of your staff.

  • You will receive a confirmation message when the learner profile is successfully created. Click View Profile to see the profile you created.




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