Assessments Settings (Relias Assessments Administrator Only)

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Assessments Settings

If your organization subscribes to the Relias Assessments Solutions, Administrators can customize your site's Assessments Settings. To access the Assessments Settings click Settings n the left panel and the menu will expand to reveal additional options. From the expanded list, select Site Properties. Then, click Assessments Settings.



There are three Assessments Settings that can be customized on your site:

  • Automatically resend Assessments scored below Angoff Score
  • Allow users to view Clinical Assessment scores
  • Send results notifications for completed Assessments 

Automatically resend Assessments scored below Angoff score


The Angoff score is the lowest pass/fail cutoff score that a minimally qualified candidate is likely to achieve on a test. The score is calculated by using a panel of experts to determine the difficulty of each test question included in an assessment. From the Applicant view, the Angoff score can be viewed as the Cutoff Score within the Assessment Overview.



If the Automatically resend Assessments scored below Angoff Score option is enabled in Assessments Settings, version B of the assessment will automatically be assigned to the the user if they achieve a score lower than the cutoff score. The assessment will only be automatically reassigned once. If the user scores below the cutoff score on their next attempt, the Assessment will have to be reassigned manually. 

Allow users to view Clinical Assessment Scores

Enabling the Allow users to view Clinical Assessment Scores gives users access to their Clinical Assessment percentage, and an in depth breakdown of how they scored in each section of the assessment. A user can view their Clinical Assessment scores from the transcript tab.

To view the score breakdown, click on the percentage in the grade column to reveal details about the score. The area of clinical knowledge being tested, the number of questions presented, and the percentage of questions the user scored correctly are listed under Score Breakdown.

Clinical Assessment results will also include Recommended Learning Opportunities based on training opportunities identified by the user's assessment results. If a Learning Opportunity is not available on the Relias Platform, it will not be hyperlinked. The suggestion serves as a guide for users; it indicates resources that could be used to help with training on the topics the assessment identified as knowledge gaps.


The National Ranking and (when available) your Organization Ranking information is displayed as a part of the users Clinical Assessments results in the Percentiles section. Under Percentiles the user can view:

  • The number of times the Clinical Assessment was completed
  • The percentage of test takers that achieved the same score that was achieved on their attempt
  • Percentage information about how many test takers the user scored higher than on their attempt

The correct answers to the Clinical Assessment questions will never be displayed. Sharing the Assessment questions and answers would lessen the efficacy of the assessment as it is designed to assess the test takers clinical/technical knowledge and to encourage that skills in the areas identified as opportunities are honed by training versus studying specific test questions.


Users will be able to see Incorrectly Answered Questions and their incorrect responses if they score over a 60% on a Clinical Assessment. Users scoring under a 60% are still presented with the Recommended Learning Opportunities for remediation and suggested areas of focus for study.

Send results notification for completed Assessments

Check Send results notification for completed Assessments in Assessments Settings to have an email notification sent once Assessments have been completed by the test taker. The notification will be sent to the email address of the Administrator or Supervisor that assigned the Assessment, and it will alert the recipient that the test taker has completed their assignments.