MDS 3.0 Section GG: Planning for Implementation

Created by 1020812 on Apr 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at GoToMeeting

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On October 1, 2016, SNF providers will begin completing a new section of the MDS 3.0; Section GG – Functional Abilities and Goals. Section GG will be required in order to successfully collect data to calculate a new Quality Measure as part of the SNF Quality Reporting Program (SNF QRP). In this complimentary webinar, the presenter will review the anticipated coding of the new Section GG, when it will be required, and how it will be used in the Functional Measure Quality Measure. SNF providers will need to understand the role of Section GG and begin discussing implementation strategies now.



1. Review completion requirements related to Section GG.

2. Review content, definitions, and coding of Section GG.

3. Describe the role of Section GG in the SNF QRP Function Quality Measure.

4. Review key strategies for implementation.


About the Presenter: Ron Orth, RN, CMAC, is the Chief Clinical Officer for AIS and is the subject matter expert for all current AIS online training modules. Ron has over 20 years experience in the SNF industry with a concentration on Medicare, PPS, and MDS regulations.


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