Bringing the Social Back: Advantages to Networking during Online Learning

Blog Post created by 711445 Support on Apr 7, 2014

We would like to welcome you to Community Corrections Connect, an online tool designed to aid you in your online education journey.

Education is a social matter. Even if you have a private tutor, you are interacting with that individual. As more learning is transitioned to a digital format, more people are expressing concern about the lack of human interaction within the training environment.

Classroom learning for both students and professionals has been taking a backseat while online courses become the new way to impart and receive knowledge. The increase of online learning or e-learning has birthed innovative methods to bring back the social aspect that has been an integral part of classroom education. The Internet provides not only the opportunity to learn online, but also to interact with the instructor and other learners and to form an ongoing networking arrangement that allows for continual professional growth and fellowship.

Community Corrections Connect is designed to assist you in a few ways:

  • The training discussions provide an interactive way to answer follow-up questions and complete activities as assigned during APPA online courses to facilitate deeper understanding and a working knowledge of the course material.
  • The training discussions provide an interactive method to get in touch with the course moderator and ask questions that other learners may also benefit from.
  • The discussions will provide you with an opportunity to experience peer-to-peer interaction during online courses that is intended to enrich your learning experience and simulate the classroom experience.
  • The topical discussions will provide you with an ongoing opportunity to continue your online interaction with other community corrections professionals across the nation. You can ask questions, share your experience in the field, and discuss timely topics and events.


When you bring the social aspect back into online learning, the results can be impressive. In fact, a 2009 study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that students taking online education performed better than those in a traditional classroom setting. One factor that seems to determine success when it comes to e-learning is the ability to interact with the teacher and other students.

Through use of the Community Corrections Connect discussions, file gallery, and blog, we hope to provide you with an informative, interesting, and worthwhile learning experience that will further your success in your professional career.