Social Value: How Social Connections Benefit Professional Growth

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No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…

                                                                                                        –John Donne


Humans are inherently social. We want to communicate and interact with others.


There are numerous benefits to our own personal psyche when we connect with other people we enjoy spending time with. The same concept holds true when we interface professionally with our business connections. We may experience benefits on a personal level, as well as towards our professional growth.


Why Social Connections Matter


If someone were to think it’s possible to be successful professionally without maintaining strong social connections, we’re going to share some benefits to social connections that may indicate otherwise.


  • We learn from others and receive mentoring and training. One of the best ways to learn is from other people who have more experience or knowledge than you may have. Your social connections provide an excellence resource for you to learn from, whether directly because they are teaching you or indirectly as you learn vicariously. A mentoring relationship is specifically designed to transfer knowledge, information, and expertise from the more experienced person to the less experienced individual.

  • Constructive feedback and advice from trustworthy connections can foster growth. If we trust someone’s opinion and insight, we are likely to be more open to any constructive criticism they may have. We should take such feedback and advice and utilize it towards our self-improvement.

  • Referrals and recommendations can build your positive reputation and personal brand. It helps to know someone when it comes to getting a job. They can vouch for your personal character and quality of work. Personal references are a necessity for most job opportunities.

  • Connections can provide you with understanding and commiseration. When we have a problem, it helps to talk with someone who understands the situation. Particularly when you develop relationships with individuals who are employed in the same line of work as you, they are more likely to understand and relate to your situation. This can provide comfort and camaraderie to get you through difficult times.

  • You may gain first access to job openings. We mentioned how important referrals and recommendations can be; along the same lines, if you know people, you may hear about a potential job opening before others do. You may also gain access to helpful tips and insider information that will provide you with more success as you apply to and interview for the position.

  • You will stay informed on best practices and new trends. By knowing and interacting with others in your line of work, it becomes easier to stay up-to-date on current practices. It’s easy to compare notes and discuss your individual situations to learn from each other. You can also ask others how they are handling certain problems or situations to gain further perspective on your own circumstance.


No Man is an Island


The formation of social connections is vital to our personal and professional growth. When it comes to your career, there are many benefits to be had from networking with others in your line of work.


Community Corrections Connect provides an online meeting place designed for interacting with other community corrections professionals. We hope you will take advantage of this online peer-to-peer learning community to discuss your field of work, to learn from others, and to build a strong professional network.


How have your social connections been advantageous to your career?

What situation in your own life demonstrats the social value of being connected to others?


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