Practice What You Teach: A Customer Highlight

Blog Post created by 2262008 Administrator on Mar 24, 2015

With the recent launch of the learn what you love campaign, we wanted to kick off our first support blog post with a conversation with one of our customers who really demonstrates the learning ideal, Leslie Cohn, to see what kind of tips and suggestions she has for developing training plans on Relias. In other words, we want to see what an active and engaging training plan that encourages learners to really love what they’re learning looks like.


For those of you who do not know Leslie, she is the IT EMR Clinical Training Coordinator at Family Service of Rhode Island, and also happens to be the number one ranked user in Connect with over 13,000 points. How did she get that high? By being very active on Connect—constantly commenting and reviewing discussions, posting her own discussions and even managing her own blog on the site (Leslie Cohn's Blog).


Leslie’s company became actively engaged in the RLMS in July 2014, and thanks to Leslie’s commitment to training and learning site functionality, they have made great strides in using the system for their training needs. Her company was originally a member of Essential Learning, then transitioned to the RLMS as it was developed.  The online learning history at FSRI had been  used for tracking external trainings and for orientation mandates/compliance.  Leslie was the IT DATA Base administrator at the time and since her job was evolving into the Organization’s  IT  EMR Clinical training for the entire  company due to her extensive clinical and management background, she was asked in July 2014 to become the guru for FSRI in Relias.  The COO requested she develop and create a more comprehensive training plan for co-utilizing Relias as much as possible (as that had not be accomplished prior) and that is exactly what she did. 


She first started using Connect when she began focusing on how to better utilize the RLMS, and more importantly get better value out of the site by expanding their usage. Because she, like most of us who need to make site improvements quickly, did not have the time to be formally trained, she instead gained her knowledge from reading the user manual, exploring training articles and using the discussion page to submit questions as well as see how other administrators use the site. Now, she uses Connect to review updates on the Help Questions page (checking in throughout the day to stay current with her knowledge), asks questions as she runs across them and has become a company expert on site function.


When I asked her why she likes using Connect so much as a resource for information, she said she “learns every day. There is never a time when I go on  Relias and do not learn something. I always have a positive effect from it.” Her passion for learning and training explains why she finds the  RLMS to be a helpful tool in implementing her training plan. As she became more familiar with site features, she was able to use better quality training and explore developing her own content for certain areas. Leslie now encourages other team members to be invested and interested in creating custom modules, that she can flesh out by exploring her library for potential complementary items (she likes to assign  Relias content for overall subject matter topics, then create add-on lessons for company specific info to make for a well-rounded exploration of the topic). She also found that spending time training supervisors directly had a better impact on learner performance as the newly trained supervisors could be resources for the tool as well.


In addition, Leslie discovered that after exploring her library and previewing courses as well as creating custom courses, she was able to develop a training plan that better engaged her team. Not only were learners taking a more active interest in completing their work, the ability to earn  CEUs encouraged them to be in the site more often and as a result, were more inclined to complete assignments on time. The best way to sum up how she feels about using Relias content to meet her core training?  “Quicker and better information, at the learner’s convenience.”


Leslie is a big advocate for creating training plans that develop with time to meet the changing training needs of her staff. Turnover in the industry is a big issue, and she thinks that training is a key element to start with when addressing the issue. If people are having trouble performing their jobs or sustaining their performance, her advice is to “first, look at the training! Were they trained appropriately? Jobs are often expanded and staff members may have new responsibilities, but the biggest thing to consider is if the training grows with them.”


The best way in her opinion to keep an eye on that is through the use of automated reporting. She said that when it comes down to choosing the best time saving feature of the site, it’s automated reporting. “When I want to prove the effectiveness of the site,” she says, “automated reports is where I start. It helps with auditing convenience, QM, helping supervisors approach training goals and definitely helps identify potential issues quicker.” Here in support we agree, and it’s even our featured discussion item for this month! Having reports automatically set up so that you can run them with just a click or having them emailed to recipients automatically on a weekly or monthly basis can absolutely save time and target your training plan and track down individuals who have not completed their training (which can be very helpful for determining how to schedule assignments in the future as well). If you’re interested in learning more about this great tool, check out the article on Connect for setting up automated reports at Scheduling Automated Reports or ask our support team for help on getting started.


Watching release notes for new developments and course releases is also extremely helpful as those types of improvements are exactly what allows active administrators like Leslie to use the site with such success. Using some of our new, shorter and more interactive courses, like this month’s Hand Hygiene: The Basics, helps her keep her learners engaged in the material by teaching them the basics in a shorter time frame as well (click here to learn more about our new approach at courses).


She also looks to Relias for inspiration for her own training by noticing how we approach questions about the site and developing our content. After identifying that her team members struggled with similar issues, she took a page from Relias’ approach and created a FAQ document for using Relias for her team with SnagIt and put “cheat sheets” on the site. Her IT department can then direct people to that helpful resource for common questions and focus more on training for better site usage instead.


Overall, Leslie is committed to learning and adapting her training site to grow with the continuing education needs—she stays up-to-date with site changes, creates new modules to help increase efficiency in her training efforts and uses new and updated coursework to keep her learners engaged. In the upcoming months, she hopes to continue her exploration of site features and keep learning and experimenting with custom courses and newly updated coursework.  With 13,000+ points and a constantly updating training plan, she is well on her way to having an effective training plan that not only meets compliance needs, but keeps learners loving what they learn.


What are you doing to keep up with your training plan? Which features do you find to be the most helpful for your training goals? We want to know! Please comment on the blog and tell us what you use—do you use automated reports? Custom courses?