Random thoughts on Graditude

Blog Post created by 1284837 Administrator on Sep 3, 2015

Why is it so easy to pay attention to the negative? We are flooded daily with negativity. The media seems to focus on conflict, and strife. I find it difficult to stay informed and remain positive and focused on the things I am grateful for when I watch the news. I quit watching network new casts and reading the paper.


We have a tradition in my family to help us focus on gratitude we share something we are grateful for before we eat. I have found my kids will engage in this practice even when having a snack or eating out with friends and it often triggers their friends to share something they are grateful for as well.


It seems the brain can not focus on both what you are grateful for and what you which was different in the same moment of time. So I figure the more I mindfully focus upon what I am grateful for the less time my brain has to drag up thought on what I think should be different or what I ought to be doing or how I wish other people would be. It helps me to remain centered. This practice appears to have a contagious effect on others. I am continuing experimentation.


Today I am grateful for the time to create a blog entry at the beginning of my work day.

I am grateful for the rain.

I am grateful my daughter and her husband have returned to this state and are close enough to visit frequently.

I am grateful my kids are all learning to be critical thinkers and question the status quo.

I am grateful that I have a job I love and get to engage in my passion for a living.


What are you grateful for in your life?