5 Things I'll never understand...

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(5 to start with...!)


I'm a nice person. No, really I am. I have a positive outlook; I have a great sense of humor. I can laugh at myself as well as the world around me. I enjoy life; I appreciate the beauty in the world around me and the things that are special and unique about the people in my life.


As a nice person with a positive outlook (and a nurse) I am concerned about other people. I try to be sensitive to other people's needs and feelings. I am generally considerate; I will not be the person standing up in front of you blocking your view at the baseball game; I will not push in front of you in line at the grocery store ("no, after you; really"); I will move over when I'm in the passing lane and you come up behind me going much faster (which admittedly doesn't happen very often...but if it does, I will move over for you).


On some days though, I find myself shaking my head (usually in confusion) at my fellow human beings (I'm sure it's not you, so don't worry). There are things those other people (who are not you or I) do and don't do, that I am certain I will NEVER understand. In case your bladder is already starting to get full, don't you worry; I've narrowed the list down to these 5 things...it’s just me being considerate again.



  1. (Since I've already mentioned it) Why won't people move over out of the passing lane? Why? Why? Why? There's no one in the travel
         lane...just do it! Why do 9 vehicles in line behind the "non passer" all need to pass on the right (which most of us will only do
         out of desperation) in order to get by? It boggles my mind and I may never understand this.
  2. Why do people think it's OK to wear their pajamas to Wal-Mart or the grocery store? There are comfortable and stretchy clothes that  are not sprinkled with pictures of Betty Boop or Sponge Bob on them. (I can only assume they must know this). I wonder if they leave them on until bedtime and them climb back into bed with the same pajamas on after traipsing all over town? I, personally, believe in taking a little pride in my appearance even if I’m only visiting the dairy aisle. You don't suppose they put on a suit or dress to go to bed do you? It would make sense, those garments are probably clean and haven’t been worn all around town. It’s clear I don’t understand this at all.
  3. Why do people stop walking when in a crowd of people walking…and then stay in the middle of where the flow of walkers is still
         walking (or at least trying to walk)? I’ve seen this at the mall, or when a concert or show lets out; it may be on a busy sidewalk…but people stop
         abruptly and then stand there while others either bump into them, quickly side step, or are held up due to the sudden congestion of people in the middle of the walkway. In my head I always break into the song from the movie Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming; just keep swimming!” but what I really mean is FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE PEOPLE, JUST KEEP WALKING! Thank goodness bumping into another person is not the same as bumping into another car…surely the insurance institute would have had to take some sort of action to mitigate risk by now if that were the case.
  4. Why are some people late all the time…every time…for everything? How do they go through life like this and why haven’t they  learned by their adult years, the importance of being on time and/or the  repercussions of being late? Surely they must have had a doctor’s office cancel their appointment or a judge throw out their case; or an in-law serve the meal even though the tardy diners have not arrived yet (let alone missing a train, plane, or bus). Do they not realize that they are
    being disrespectful towards those that they keep waiting…and if so, why doesn’t that bother them (or bother them enough to change their behavior)?
    I have an Aunt (now in her early 80s) who lived her whole life being late. There wasn’t a holiday dinner, family function, or Sunday Mass that Aunt Polly arrived at on time. In fact, in my family we called it “Aunt Polly time!” As in, “She said they’d be here around 1:00…but that’s in Aunt Polly time!” It drove everyone around her CRAZY…but it rarely fazed Aunt Polly (perhaps that’s why she’s quite healthy and spry in her early 80s!). The funny thing is that Aunt Polly was a stickler on so many other things in life…grammar, manners, pomp and circumstance…but never punctuality! I consider punctuality a common courtesy (that is less common than that term implies) and a show of consideration for others. It’s also a direct reflection on one’s overall organizational skills! Imagine the amount of work that goes into preparing a large holiday dinner for 20 or more people (and many of you don’t have to imagine at all because you’ve done it); you’ve cleaned your house, you’ve shopped, you’ve prepped, you’ve put the extra leaves in the table and you’ve been cooking for hours and hours. All the tardy person has to do is change out of their Betty Boop jammies, buy a pumpkin pie, and show up on time…I mean, who has the easier job here?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve never been late…but for me it’s not a chronic condition with no known cure; my cure is to figure out why I ran late and do
something different next time…get up earlier, get more organized the night before, take a different route, etc. I guess it’s the ongoing tardiness from the same people that I just don’t understand.


(Uh oh…I promised your bladder this wouldn’t take too long and…I think now I’m tardy. Drat! Foiled again!).


   5.  The last thing I'll include on my list of 5 things I don’t understand is tweeting (do I hear an AMEN?). #s @s 140 characters most of which don’t seem to  make  sense at all. “Following" anyone other than a celebrity or a business seems silly to me  …at least on Facebook I can write a legible message or scroll through requests to copy and paste things I don’t want to copy or paste; on Instagram I can quickly & easily upload a picture that appears on Facebook anyway…but tweeting… I think I’d rather be late because I stopped walking on the sidewalk, after being banned from the highways for hogging the passing lane while driving to Wal-Mart, in my Sponge Bob footie pajamas!


I guess I just don't understand!