Concerts, Artists, and Music Festivals, Oh My!

Blog Post created by 2000032 Administrator on Mar 20, 2015

Last weekend was one of the most eventful I've experienced in a long time. I got a few eye rolls while telling my coworkers I was exhausted and "couldn't handle this anymore at my age." But let me tell you, the Arizona heat does something cruel to you and saps your energy no matter how old you are. There's also something about the combination of sweltering heat and deafening music that leaves you hopelessly speechless.


First, we (my boyfriend and I) went to Viva Phoenix on Saturday night and were out until two in the morning running from stage to stage across the downtown area. Viva Phoenix is a music festival where the extensive line up requires multiple stages and a very strict schedule if you want to make it to all your favorite bands on time and get a good spot close to the stage. The first few bands were at the same stage right next to the parking garage where we had parked so it wasn't that much of a trek. Sir Sly and Smallpools played amazing sets back-to-back. This included, their lead singers jumping down into the crowd, tossing around a giant blowup Orca pool toy, and, three rows from the front, an amazing light show. If you've never heard their music, I would definitely recommend looking them up. Then we ran to Crescent Ballroom which, if you're not from Phoenix, you should know it was at least 3 blocks from our first location. Once there we saw Papa, The Stone Foxes, and Geographer. Being front row, touching the stage, for Geographer might have been a highlight of the night for me. Finally we dashed about 5 more blocks (in heels I might add) to the Monarch Theater to see my boyfriend's favorite artist of the night, Andrew W.K. If you've never heard his music before, it's classified as PARTY! and let me tell you, it was just that. Amidst the swirling mosh pit and drinks being thrown our direction, it was difficult for someone of my height to truly enjoy the show but it was certainly an adventure for the books.


Sunday mid-morning we awoke with headaches and our ears still ringing. I remember asking my boyfriend if he wanted breakfast and he just looked at me, cocked his head to one side, and yelled "what?" Such was the tune for most of the day. However, we had to press on considering we'd had tickets since Valentine's Day (a gift to me from him) and one of my favorite bands was headlining. So we shuffled out of the apartment and made the drive to Tempe. After eating a sub sandwich and chugging a Gatorade we headed for music festival round two: The Pot O' Gold outdoor music fest. We stuck around the whole day and saw all the bands play as they alternated across two stages. The bands were Big Data, Knox Hamilton, Echosmith, Milky Chance, New Politics, Rebelution, and Fall Out Boy. The headlining band, Fall Out Boy, had me reminiscing about my childhood and watching their music videos on MTV. It was certainly my favorite moment of the weekend!


So, have any of you been to any music festivals so far this year? Tis the season!


Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!