Tuesday Morning Chuckle

Blog Post created by 2071496 Administrator on Dec 15, 2015

So I don't normally tell stories about myself but something happened to me today that is just to good to not share.  I hope you get a laugh out of it as much as I did.  So to give you some background I have lost some major weight in the last year (78lbs)  that leads to all kinds of issues like having to buy new clothes and get rid of some of my favorite outfits.  Well I bought a new skirt over the weekend and decided I would wear it this morning.  I was running a little late and trying to get the skirt on.  It would not fit....I thought man this is crazy I tried it on before I bought it and it fit great but now it was too tight....hmmm...in frustration I yank it off and look at it only to realize I was trying to put it on upside-down......Happy Tuesday to me....is it Friday yet I think I need to have another weekend