Blog Post created by 2071496 Administrator on Dec 29, 2015

As I sit here thinking about this past year.  There have been many ups and downs as I am sure there has been with most everyone.  It that time of year when people want to set resolutions for the new year knowing they will only last for about 3 weeks, but does that stop us?  No!  Let me tell you why.  It is called hope.  We know if we can hope to better ourselves, our lives and the lives of those around us then we become better people. Hope is something that seems to be dying in this world.  I think about how much hope the founding fathers had for our country and for the settlers as they moved to new territories and I think wow to have that much hope and excitement must be something.  I look around at our world now and see people all around that have no hope in their lives.  They turn to drugs, alcohol and many other things looking for that hope to spark up in them again.  I want to be that spark.  I want to give hope to those around me.  Sometimes it the little things like saying hello to a stranger or taking a meal to an elderly person that can no longer get out.  My goal, or New Year's Resolution if you want is to each day find something I can do or say to someone that is not in my immediate circle of friends and family.  To reach out to them to let them know they are important, they are seen and that there is still hope in this world.  Happy New Year everyone!