Blog Post created by 2158039 Administrator on Nov 17, 2015

So who didn't love Galaga or Pac-Man back in the day? Well even the earliest of arcade games had leaderboards where you joyfully slapped your initials on the screen to make your mark on the evolutionary gaming world! Even board games tracked your level of understanding, progress, strategy, determination & fun!


Some of you received a taste of Gamification at the #ImpaceNation15 Conference last week. I'd like to share a little more.


There is a BIG difference between a game & Gamification. There is a winner & a loser when you play a game. The game also ends & each player knows their place.


Gamification is more of a process with no losers & no ending. The learner continues to receive advanced rewards while striving to leverage his/her natural desire to:

1. Compete

2. Achieve (earning badges/points)

3. Elevate his/her status (showcases talents, expertise & accomplishments)

4. Participates in community collaboration

5. Have fun


As we all know, FUN is the easiest way to CHANGE BEHAVIOR.