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There’s nothing that can replace the impact of an effective story. Without a story, people will remember very little tomorrow of what you said today. With a story, they’ll not only remember your message, but also care enough to act


on it.


What Are The Elements of An effective Story?

To be effective, a story needs the following elements:.


1. Bookends: effective link at the beginning that connects your story to something that's important or relevant to your learner. There must also be a follow up about this link at the end, so the learner understands what they are taking away form this story.


2. Hero/Heroine: Main character (the human face of your story!


3. Background: Your inciting incident — the specific event that sets the story in motion and sends the hero on his or her journey —lives here.


4. Conflict: The obstacles that turns your main character's world upside down - crisis, challenge, and/or enticing opportunity.


5. Resolution: For your story to be effective, the resolution shouldn’t be one that happened quickly or easily. Instead, describing how the main character failed before he or she succeeded adds drama to your story.