Loss of a Resident

Blog Post created by 2341678 Employee on Mar 30, 2017

I have been here at Heritage Woods of Centralia since 2014, and I have seen residents come and go.  There have been a few that if I could have I would have kept them here, even if they didn't fit the Gardant Management criteria because they touched my heart.  There have been a few to pass on, that brings me to this post.  I have never been so crushed by a Resident pass on as I was recently.


This resident was spunky and strong willed and voiced her self very well, for those characteristics drew me closer in knowing her.  Very kind soul, and every morning around 3:30 am she would go out for a cigarette, I like knowing my residents are safe so I would sit with her outside and done that since I started here.  A bond developed and grew.  She knew she could trust me, and when she needed to vent, I was her wing woman.  Just recently she became sick emotionally as well as physically, they family requested no visitors, even though that broke my promise to her, Family is more important, I obeyed the wishes of the family.  I feel so lost here lately as she just passed last week, I find myself looking for her outside, or to be walking down the hall.  I think a lot of it is I did not get closure.  I didn't make it to her funeral because I was so exhausted from working nights, my body did not allow me to wake up on time.  Closure still denied.  I hope she is resting at peace and that I am not keeping her from her Paradise in Heaven that she deserves, I just wanted to let her know that I loved her and she was precious to me.  May the Lord be with her children as I feel they were blessed to have a strong willed woman in their lives such as her.  God Bless Lavina, Miss you till we meet again.

My spiritual CNA Angel!