Key To Healthy Relationships

Blog Post created by 2341678 Employee on Apr 12, 2017

I sit here tonight to express sadness on what my family is currently going through; more so, my poor son and grandchildren.  I had begged him and his wife before the marriage and during the marriage to seek counseling due to their inability to effectively communicate.  My son is not much for screaming and hollering, but once it is done to him it is on, thus resulting in the children hearing.  I am so tore up inside that I called my boss last night and told her, I was not calling in but wanted her aware of the situation I was going through.  I stayed at work to help get my mind off of things but yet I worry about my grandbabies because for the past year and I hate to speak ill of people but my daughter in law hasn't been the mother nor wife she should have been.  Instead of talking and listening and compromise it was either her way or no way and It was this way from day one in the relationship. 


I am only writing this blog to let my feelings out because how much hurt I feel as a mother and utmost grandmother.  My grandbabies mean the world to me.  Please anyone out there if your having trouble with a relationship, marriage or partnership for the LGBT community please, Please, PLEASE, seek assistance.  They teach you how to express thoughts without hurting one another, they help pinpoint trouble, and they teach you the keys to help a relationship.  I know because a councilor helped my marriage as I was in the same boat with the effective communication or lack thereof.  Roots of all battles stems from one person having to get the last word, money, and a very stressful situation.

Put the rest in the hands of your savior or belief and hold on, it will be bumpy but if you love that person it is well worth the time and effort!


Dedication to my wonderful Husband

Love and Friendship to All