Confusion All Around

Blog Post created by 2771203 Administrator on Mar 21, 2016

We are relaunching Relias and my position was created to help streamline the process. I am so amazed by the level of confusion staff have around using Relias. No one is really to blame, the organization is just accustomed to doing things another way and this is a huge change. One that people were not really prepared for and for whatever reason are fighting. Uploading a certificate is new and folks would rather print and send it to someone to complete their training. Going back into the training page in Relias to take the "final exam" is also new and even after showing people how to do it, I still have people telling me they completed the process and refusing to do it again. All new and confusing aspects of tracking training completed outside of Relias.


I am just hoping some of this confusion subsides and we can move forward with a better training process.


Maybe there are some tips or Relias implementation tricks I am unaware of?! I know I cannot possibly be alone in this. Something must exist. I will keep looking and if I find something, I will share it.


Happy Spring everyone!