Implementation Difficulties

Blog Post created by 2771203 Administrator on Apr 6, 2016

I stumbled upon the article "Implementing E-Learning: Know the Challenges and Opportunities" in my quest to find a way to streamline the confusion and resistance staff have around moving toward utilizing Relias more effectively at my organization. While the article is geared toward youth online learning, I feel there were a couple valid points.


1. "There is a lack of awareness around the E-Learning platform": This is certainly partially true for us. Our staff do not know much about Relias and maybe even online learning in general. People are used to in-person training and many probably prefer it. The article also mentions that folks tend to not realize the effectiveness of online learning and so many this is another reason for the hesitation...?

2. "Lack of computer literacy": Again I find this to be true for some people at my organization. Relias is pretty straight forward to me, but I grew up using a computer (I was 16 when I got my own computer), so maybe that is why I have no issues with it. I do know that many of the issues we are having around implementing Relias to track non-Relias training is part computer literacy related (saving and uploading a PDF certificate) and part not reading directions...which is a whole other issue.


I am enjoying the research aspect of implementing online learning and I will continue to share my findings when they are helpful.


Here is the link to the article, just in case you are at all interested to see the other challenges and the opportunities.