Why Staff Won't Do What We Ask

Blog Post created by 2771203 Administrator on Apr 26, 2016

I enjoy research. I REALLY love reading up on topics that make my job easier or at least give me tools to help me make my job easier. Right now I am struggling to get folks to follow a new protocol for training and I could not figure out why. I sent out emails explaining the process, I set up a powerpoint presentation and put it in Relias, and I even made a step-by-step guide and made it accessible in multiple places. Nothing worked! People are still not doing what I asked.


I stumbled on this article (https://trainingmag.com/trgmag-article/why-people-don%E2%80%99t-do-what-you-want-them)  online today and I thought I would share it because it helped me see what I may be doing wrong. I am excited to take the suggestions and see what happens!


The following are the 7 suggestions the article states will enhance staff cooperation when it comes to job performance.

1. Clarify the expectations of the task

2. Provide people with the right kind of feedback

3. Provide the resources to complete the task

4. Provide accessibility to appropriate training

5. Remove unwarranted punishment

6. Remove inappropriate rewards

7. Deliver appropriate consequences as necessary


Do you struggle with these types of issues in your job? Do you think these suggestions will help? I would love to hear your thoughts!!