LMS Trends...?

Blog Post created by 2771203 Administrator on May 3, 2016

I subscribe to many email newsletters and more often than not I never open them. But I always tell myself that one day I will...

Am I alone...? Do others do this too?


Well, today I did actually open one of these newsletters and was happy with the reading choices. There were several links to E-Learning related articles, but this one caught my eye. 6 Popular Trends in E-Learning. Here are the the six trends:

  1. Gamification
  2. Mobile Learning
  3. Video-Based Learning
  4. Social Media Leaning
  5. Blended Learning
  6. Micro-Learning

Before today, I was only really familiar with one of these, gamification. The article is great because it provides links to additional information on each of the six trends.


As I read up on Social Media Learning I became quite excited. As a non-profit we share a lot of related articles and studies and in doing so we are helping folks learn more about the topics. I am not even sure they need to click on the link and actually read the article to learn. For instance, reading the headline "Child Abuse Rates in California Dropped" conveys the gist of the article and the individual who chose not to read the article can Google the topic later if they are interested or want more information. In other words, I had not completely considered how sharing information on social media can impact learning.


How does this help us in our jobs? In my position, it helps to know how people are learning and what engages them. I do not develop much content, but I do help in pulling it all together and I can provide input to those who spend time developing e-learning curriculum.


Does this information help you? If so, how?


Here is the link to the article: Social Learning Facts You Should Know | LearnDash