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Blog Post created by 2949207 Administrator on Jun 22, 2015

Today is my husband's and my 19th wedding anniversary.  When people heard how long we have been married, after being congratulated for "making it that long" we were then told that "next year you will really need to celebrate".  And that got me thinking.... why do I have to wait until next year?  Just because it ends in "0" or is divisible by 5?  Nope.  Not for us.


We celebrate every moment.  Not saying our life is picture perfect or always happy, because it definitely isn't.  But because of our imperfections, it allows us to grow.  That growth brings about a sweetness all in it's own.  You wouldn't look at your child and say "Great job turning 4 but we won't celebrate until you are 5 (or later)".  Same as with every issue in our lives, there is always something to smile about, to remember fondly, and a silver lining to find.  You just have to be impatient enough to not wait for it to fall in your lap, but to get up and actively search for it.  Happy Monday everyone!