Time to push "pause"....

Blog Post created by 2949207 Administrator on Dec 8, 2015



I have to say that my world was turned upside down by my six year old daughter.  She is profoundly insightful and philosophical for a first-grader.


I was looking through my planner and attempting to get a handle on EVERYTHING I have to do for work, school, home, church, family, Christmas, etc...  And she walked in and asked if we could watch a movie, play with legos, bake cookies.  I sighed and told her that it was getting late (after 7PM) and we needed to get ready for school and work in the morning.  She crawled up beside me and laid her head on my shoulder and said, "That's ok.  I just want to be."  I thought she didn't finish her sentence so I asked her, "You just want to be what Sissy?".  She looked up at me with all the knowledge and astonishment of someone ten times her age and said, "Be here.  With you.  Right now."


That statement was enough to bring me to a screeching halt.  Here I was trying to organize my schedule to accomplish everything that I thought needed to be done during this season of the year, and I just needed to be present.  She wasn't worried about all the trivial but necessary stuff that was on my "to do list".  She was content to just be.  So, I closed my planner, leaned back on the bed with her, held her hand and talked to her.  We sang silly songs, told jokes, and giggled like mad women.  It was PERFECT.  The hour we spent together was worth more than any accomplishment I could cross of my list.


So, I have said for many years that I was going to be better organized and have everything planned better so I could get it all done.  But, this year I think I'm going to purposefully cross off stuff on my list that wouldn't make a difference if it waited a bit, and just be.  I want to spend time loving my family and friends, not fretting about everything else.  There will always be something else that could be done, but my loved ones won't always be around.  I don't want to be so busy trying to get stuff done, that I forget to actually LIVE my life.


So with that being said, I will absolutely commit 100% to my job.  I will do for others.  But I will also be making sure I take the time to just be.  Right here.  Right now.  And for the rest of the year as well...