I Guess My Life Is Just Too Boring

Blog Post created by 303725 Administrator on Dec 12, 2016

Last year I published a book called Swimming in Addiction on Amazon. I've also did the general book release to a variety of newspapers and I'm amazed that few have decided to even give it a blurb. I guess I'm amazed about two things here; one, my first book sold in five countries, I was interviewed by multiple media sources from online, newspapers and television. It is stilling selling after almost ten years. This book was written with the help of inmates all over the United States for at risk youths and called Letters from Prison (Youthlight publishing). Two, the new book is about how my crack addiction started as a child before I first pit a crack pipe to my lips. It tells everything and has gotten excellent reviews.


So I can only come to the following conclusion: Unless you are a famous person who can't stay sober, has a whoa is me reality show and decided to get a ghost writer to pen your life as an addict, your book is just too boring for the newspapers and talk shows.


Look, I'm just saying that I'm willing to put myself out there top show that you don't need to always go through the doors of rehab more than once and you don't have to meet the expectation of continuing relapse. I would like others to know that sobriety is doable without a lot of complications and achieving the dream of college and a good job is reasonable once you decide to do it.


I've had to live in a drug infested neighborhood early in my recovery and I chose not to let this hinder me. My father and other family members are/were addicts and/or alcoholics and I chose not to let this become a stumbling block for my recovery.


Sober for more than twenty years and just wanting people who are just everyday people to understand that you don't have to be a Lindsay Lohan (just to name one of many) who still seems to be dealing with addiction if not the addictive behaviors to get noticed. Yet every few days we'll see or hear about another struggling famous person's substance abuse issues as the normal people go ignored.


I especially want people like me to understand that you can do this without the fame or the money. I want people to know that no matter how bad your background was with the horrific consequences you had to deal with; you can choose not to be defined by your past and move on to a better way to live.


Yes, I suppose a successful non-famous person making a successful recovery from a sixteen year crack addiction isn't so newsworthy.