Getting in the swing...

Blog Post created by 3242687 Administrator on Mar 24, 2015

I have always wanted to Blog, so Blog I will.


Reflectively, I wish that I had started this process at the beginning of our RLMS conversion, so that I could follow this journey step-by-step. But, I am now past that point, and have been using RLMS for a few months and feeling pretty good about it.


In RLMS, I have learned the basics of setting up users, assigning learning, and monitoring completion.  Creating curriculum, creating learning modules, and checklists.  I am exploring external learning and requirements tracking.  I also have a few ideas swirling around my mind about how I can increase functionality within our facility, but not sure if it will be beneficial or not....... to be continued.


Today is a humdrum day of editing the modules that I created to reflect some of the "grammatical changes" my supervisor wishes to make.  It is amazing to me, how many different ways there are to say the same thing in the English language.  Whether your preference is:  "The Learner must be knowledgeable," "The Learner is knowledgeable," or "The Learner knows," isn't the gist of it the same?  And just as effective?  And for check-off purposes, work just as well?  GAH!!!  Oh well, the bulk of my day will be spent making these tedious adjustments.... and pulling my hair out... while trying to keep my eyes open and my brain from numbing...


And a word of advice:  For any of you that are wearing the "I just converted to RLMS and what the heck should I do now" shoes right now, I would like to encourage you to do just that!  Blog your adventure.  When you settle into the system and it's functionality, it will definitely be fun to look at!


Hope you have a great day, and be blessed!