Finding my niche

Blog Post created by 3242687 Administrator on Mar 25, 2015

I accepted the position of Employee Educator only 4 short months ago.  This was a difficult transition in many ways.  I was developing a new position, with new software, for an small town established facility.  My hours changed.  My schedule flip-flopped.  Not only personally, but occupationally..... I was implementing changes that many people found to be intrusive upon their time and schedule.  Even though education components are required and monitored by licensing and regulatory agencies, it seems that many easily "let it slide."  Now, even when change is needed, we all know that it is not always welcome.


Today, I was assisting my Director of Nursing compile information for reports.  I was not in my usual designated area.  I had multiple missed calls, voicemails, and there was even an employee that sought me out for assistance with some of the RLM components!  I felt giddy.  It seems that it does not take long to make an impact.


Thanks RLMS for being an excellent tool to help me carve my niche.