CNAS Rock!!!

Blog Post created by 3322780 Employee on Nov 25, 2015

One thing about being a CNA is you have to be inbedded with Gods love, patience, and humor...... Im a very down to earth woman, but can be very serious also, I love my job, and I love the people I meet, I hear all these great stories about war, love, disabilities, and having faith..... I figure that God appointed this field for me because it was so unuasal, I was working in a cleaners, I did not like it because I stayed burning myself somewhere on the arms or hands, cause I worked as a steamer, and I believe that God knew I was suppose to be his angel and take care of his good people even the bad.....


CNAS, we are the motor too making a car work, we give it that VROOM!!! We know our residents from a knick to a pattywhack, and soon of a later, they become to know us, I love people, and trust after 11yrs of being a nurse aide, I have met some great families, I met some outstanding co workers....... I come to find out that not all CNAS are alike, we have our diffenence, but as long as love is involved everything is ok........ CNAS ROCK!!!!!