Ending of an era...

Blog Post created by 334928 Administrator on Sep 3, 2015

Life changes, moves on and now it's time for new memories. This week we closed on my mother's home - the home my parents built and my siblings and I grew up in. Mom lived there for 59 years and it holds the echo of our laughter as we played together and grew into adults. I couldn't wait to get out of the house and make my own way in life. But now I realize what an idyllic childhood we had. I grew up in a time when we walked to school (and no, it was not 5 miles uphill each way) and played outside with all of the neighborhood kids. We played kick the can and made a tree house and a go-cart that could only turn left. And when the street light came on, it was time to go inside.


This week a new, young family will be moving in to start making their own memories on a wonderful street in a small town in mid America! Forgive me if I am a bit nostalgic!