Home and Work

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on Apr 29, 2015

So after the last few weeks of being very busy at home and at work, I am able to write again. Short as they may be when I am able to. I try to keep in touch with my health care family and friends and also my non health care family and friends. Everyone is busy. We all know that. What I keep hearing and seeing is more and more healthcare workers are turning to some form of substance abuse for one reason or another. Whether they have had an injury, a traumatic event or need to relieve steam. I am shocked and heart broken for the ones that I hear and read about. More and more the people that we are to care for are the ones that pay the price. Why? I have seen numerous accounts of healthcare workers misappropriating medications for their personal use. I see the same amount of healthcare workers having episodes of driving while intoxicated. I personally know of several healthcare workers who have lost their jobs and licenses for being under the influence of alcohol while at work.

I have a busy life which can be stressful. I have 2 small children. Boys at that, who are constantly being boys. I am happily married. Granted, we do have our moments. I have a demanding healthcare career and hold a title that can be very stressful. Things do not always go as planned. I for one know that and I believe you do too. I think I understand why this is happening to so many in our community. We need a way to escape. We are constantly on guard at work and outside of work. Our actions outside of or workplace can and do reflect our care of others. Now my friends, that is a heavy burden to place on ourselves. And you know what? We chose to follow this path.

I look around and see so many unable to carry this burden that we all chose to carry. When our brothers and sisters choose to go a different path, it is not only they who hurt. It is their friends and families. It is also the ones they care for that hurt. It is also our brothers and sisters in healthcare that hurt also. I also know that it is the choice of that individual to get help. If they want it that is.

If you see someone that needs help, don't be afraid. Step up to the plate. Help them. We all need a little help once in a while, don't we? It is the reason we are in the healthcare field. We help others.