The Little Things

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on May 5, 2015

The other day I was working with my 3 year old on his numbers and ABC's. For the first time he counted to 10 by himself and said his ABC's by himself. I was so exited! I was a proud Momma at that very moment. I gave him so much praise and told him how well he did. He had such a huge smile on his face. It was priceless! Then with in the hour, my 20 month old told me he needed to potty and took his pants off and ran to the bathroom. We sat together in the bathroom, him on the potty chair and I on the tub. He didn't potty in the potty, but I gave him the same amount of praise and told him how well he did. Just for sitting on the potty. I posted their achievements to my social media and I was shocked by what some of my friends and family said. I should have given them money or candy for doing well! I never gave my oldest money or candy for using the potty chair. Praise. That is what he received. I make big deal out of everything. When they pick up their toys, wash their own body in the tub, help with feeding the pets, saying please and thank you. I want to raise my children not to expect money for everything. I want them to know everything good they do makes me proud of them. I also want them to know that bad behavior leads to punishments. I don't want them to feel like they are privileged and deserve everything they want for doing nothing. That is the way I was raised. I bring my children into my work place every once in a while. They love seeing all the Grannys and Grandpas. They love to give hugs and laugh with the people that I care for. I want to instill goodness into my boys. I want them to have pride in a job well done. I want them to know that no matter what someone's age is, that we all deserve to smile. I want my boys to have respect for people and property.

Now enough of my rant. I try to do the same for the ones I care for. I love to give praise were it is deserved. If I have a resident that stands in the restroom and helps after therapy has worked with them, I am talking them up. If they put their shoe on for the first time in months, if someone has been trying to loose weight and looses 5 lbs in a month, if they brush their hair for the first time, if they get an new grand baby, if they smile for the first time in a month. Praise, praise praise, praise them. Lift them up. Let them know they have achieved one of their goals and it means something. Then they will work hard for their next goal. That twinkle in the eye and that smile make it all worth while. When family asks about how well they have been doing, let them know with the same enthusiasm. Don't we all need that atta-boy sometimes? Well, that never goes away.