The spiritual side

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on May 7, 2015

I know everyone has their own spiritual beliefs. I am one that will not put anyone down for what they do and don't believe. I am a Christian. I pray daily, most days more than once. I believe in GOD and Jesus. I try to teach my boys the same thing, but I will not turn my back on them if they do not believe as I do. I admit that I do not know my Bible inside and out. I am frequently reading it to myself and to my boys. Very few passages do I know by heart. I have found that I have grown closer to the Lord over the years. I have seen, felt and heard things from and around the ones I care for daily. There are so many unexplained things that have happened when caring for someone who is nearing their final breath. I have been looked at funny and called a liar when I have told others about happenings. But I still speak up. I believe the Lord put me there in those moments to be a witness. I have held hands as someone takes their last breath. I have been the one to listen to someone confess what they believe is their sins. I have prayed with someone. I have prayed with the family. I have held family members as they have cried. I have been the one by their side when they have no family. I have been there.

Any number of you can say the same thing. I know I am not alone. I take these moments away as a true gift. I helped them stay comfortable. They did not suffer because I did everything possible for them. GOD gave you a gift. A gift that many see as a burden. But know this, YOU WERE CHOSEN.

I have had several times when this has utterly broken me. I walked away from the bedside and cried until I could not cry anymore. We have all had those moments also. I have been criticized for loving my career in long term care. I look at those who want to judge and smile. The old saying ' Someone's gotta do it." always throws them. If not me, do you think those criticizers would sit there, pray and be the ones to tell the family? No they would not. For all of you out there that are in the same boat as me, GOD BLESS YOU. I pray every day that GOD keeps giving us the strength to carry on our work that we love.