Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on May 10, 2015

Today is Mother's Day. A day that we all thank the mothers in our lives for raising us instead of giving us to the circus just to keep their sanity. I have to admit that I was not a picture perfect child. I bet none of us were. Now I am a mother myself. I see my two adorable little boys and wonder what I did to deserve such joy in my life. I thank the LORD every day for them. My career is in long term care. I care for the elderly. Today I have seen joy and I have seen heartbreak. Today is no different from other days, but it did hit me differently today. I was witness to a mother/grandmother see some of her family for the first time in a year due to her children and grandchildren living out of state. I also was witness to the tears of a mother who felt abandoned and forgotten because her child who lives in town, not come see her or call her. I witnessed a great-great grandmother meet her new great-great grandbaby for the first time. I was witness to a child leaving in tears because their mother no longer knew who they were. I see this every day. I am a part of this every day. I wipe the tears of that mother and that child who are feeling a tremendous loss. I rejoice over the reunion and the new family member. Then I remember that this is an every day occurrence for me and others that work in long term care. What does that make these people? What does this make me? Then I remember, I not only have my family...husband, children, father, mother, sister , aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents..... I have my work family. Those I care for, their families, and my coworkers. I know that GOD has truly blessed me! This is my reason I continue to be a nurse. Look around the next time you question your career choice. Are you blessed? Are you part of that family? If you are, then you are were GOD planned you to be.