Just for laughs

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on May 18, 2015

I do not know of anyone who does not have a funny story from there work place. I do believe that healthcare takes the cake on funny stories though. Whether the story is about a coworker or from patient Mr.Z. We all have that patient we can't wait to hear what comes out of their mouth or see what they do.  Oh how we care givers love to sit and tell each other our funnies. It never fails. Everyone in healthcare can relate. We are always laughing about something. Plus have any of you noticed that non- care givers just don't understand? If someone that is not a care giver hears your story, they end up with a weird look on their face. I'm always asked " Why is that so funny?" I have stopped trying to explain anything to people like that. They never get it. I guess we have a weird sense of humor. I guess to be a care giver you have to be kind of sick and twisted. I know that me and my care giver friends can clear a room in less than 2 minutes with some of our talk. I've also noticed that the grosser it is the funnier we think it is. Is it just me, or are my friends and I just twisted? I believe we have to find something funny daily because of what we deal with daily. We have find the lighter side to an other wise very dark and heavy career. If we don't have a good laugh then don't you think that we would some how loose it? Dealing with loss of some sort daily? That is how we keep ourselves going. I do believe this. So keep finding the funny of the day. Keep laughing! Keep yourselves sane!