Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on May 22, 2015

4 years ago today the town I live in was torn asunder. An F5 tornado tore through our town leaving devastation in it's wake. A hospital and 2 nursing homes were devastated. Thousands of homes leveled. 164 people died that day. Thousands more injured. Millions of dollars of rubble left behind. A community in ruins. A community pulling together. A community mourning the loss of lives. A community that rebuilt. The landscape will never look the same from my childhood. We were once a little blip on the map. Since that fateful evening, we are known world wide. Pretty ironic. A town that is on Route 66 was little known until devastation hit. There is one good thing that came from this. A community that once was divided came together. No longer is neighbor against neighbor. We are now a community of togetherness. As it once was when I was a child. We now look out for each other. We now know our neighbor's name. We now help each other instead of turning a blind eye. My home was not in the path of the tornado, but many of my friends and family lost their homes. I knew some of those that lost their lives. We stop today and take a moment to remember what we lost and what brought us together. May GOD bless our little town of Joplin as we continue to move forward and rebuild. May no one forget GOD's power that day.