Memorial Day

Blog Post created by 3372866 Employee on May 25, 2015

First of all I would like to remember all those who gave all so we could be free. Their sacrifice was made so each and everyone of us could live in a country that allows us to be free and make our on destiny. Thank you. This day is for those men and women that made that ultimate sacrifice for all of us. This day was started by a group of freed slaves after the Civil War. They were witness to several regimens that were killed. They witnessed those men buried in a mass grave. After the war they went back and spent several weeks giving those soldiers a proper burial. They then spent 1 day in rememberance of those fallen soldiers. Every year afterwards, those freed slaves had a day of rememberance. Today, I remember those that sacrificed for me. I thank those who are still alive every day. I do not take this day lightly. I was raised to place flowers on the graves of those that went before us. I was taught that my freedom did not come without a price. I was taught that this holiday is not to be taken lightly. I listen to friends talk about having cookouts, drinking and having fun. I always ask, " Do you thank those that gave you the freedom to do this?" I usually receive a funny look. I just smile and tell them to remember that this day is to remember the reason we have our freedoms. Recently my husband, 2 boys and I were leaving an local store after buying groceries. We gave my # year old and 21 month old each some money and we had our money ready. We gave to the V.A. the money as we left the store. We thanked those veterans for their services. My boys got poppies and flags. While we were doing this a woman walked up behind us. She actually started bad mouthing us! Can you believe that? She actually said " How can you do that? Teach your kids that war is ok? Keep giving to them and you keep war going." We just smiled at her. That stopped her in her tracks. My husband said " If it wasn't for men like them, you wouldn't be able to run your mouth." I heard those men snicker. She was a little dumbfounded to say the least. We thanked the men again and before leaving I looked at her and said " No one believes in war, but we do believe in freedom. Maybe you should thank them too."  As we loaded our groceries and kids in the truck, I saw her giving those men money and receiving a flag and poppy. So thank a vet every day and never forget those who gave their all for our freedoms today. GOD Bless.